Top Ten Tips For Buying & Selling On eBay.

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Top Ten Tips! #Gotitfree

10 - ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH-Is someone selling a similar item? Is the condition better or worse than yours? What postage are they charging? What price are they charging? If they are charging less than you can think about how you can make your listing more attractive to buyers.

9.  ALWAYS ANSWER QUESTIONS FROM SELLERS-It gives you an opportunity to review your listing and answer those questions with things you may have forgotten like colour, size, etc. It gives you the opportunity to interact with your possible buyers. After all, based on your answers will depend if they have faith in you to shop.

8. REMAIN POLITE EVEN WHEN FACED WITH RUDE PEOPLE- You will be approached occasionally with really stupid questions or people shouting (in capitals) or people will ask you to drop the price or add a buy it now/make offer. If you want the auction to run then tell them that you are leaving the auction to run until the end and say "happy bidding" at the end. You will always get the occasional idiot who just has to persist. You always have the option to block their username from bidding. Remember to use your please and thank you even if others do not. 

7. RULES & REGULATIONS -Forget trying to ever understand and comprehend eBay's rules, they change them so often it is a partial waste of time as you will never learn everything. It is an almost impossible task. Use the eBay help boards for answers you need. 

6.PayPal: AN EBAYERS BEST FRIEND-Ok, I will admit it is like Marmite you either love it it hate it. Personally I love it. It gives you a lot of protection especially when you are a buyer. When you sell you have less rights which in my opinion are not always fair but the powers that be decide on that. If you ever get a seller asking you to pay through friends and family option, run! Don't pass go! Basically sellers do it to get out of paying PayPal's fees but by doing this you are not covered or protected at all. Only do this if they are indeed friends or family and you trust them 100%

5. WHO DO YOU TRUST?-In all honesty no-one! You get the eBay know-it-all's who think they know everything and only their opinion matters but it is not the case. Of course the obvious answer is to contact eBay and/or PayPal  in the first instance but furthermore, trust your own instinct. Listen to your gut. If something looks too good it probably is. Also powersellers, ask a power seller after all they haven't got to be a power seller without picking up a thing or two! 

4. NEVER LIST WHEN TIRED- There is no doubt about it eBay is draining. I personally hate listing items and try to rush through it but of course I then make costly mistakes. Walk away for a few hours and refresh. You will need it! 

3. ONE MANS TRASH IS ANOTHER MANS TREASURE- You just never know what you are going to find but however much you may value it it is only worth what people want to pay. If you price thing's too high you could be waiting a very long time to sell but more importantly, if you consistently price items higher you will get a reputation for being that kind of seller. 

2. LOOK AFTER YOUR OWN HEALTH-Before you start invest in a good chair that will support your back, a desk high enough for you and a wrist rest. It is well known that working at a computer constantly can eventually cause Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. We all know how easy it is to keep pushing further and further along to try and get more done but not having regular rests will not help you or your business. Also remember to get the best computer that you can possibly afford to make the selling process easier.  


eBay is busiest on a Sunday. The kid's are playing and you have an hour to yourself. So people go on then. 
Avoid ending auctions in the early hours of the morning when nobody's about. Often bidders prefer to swoop in in the last few minutes, hoping others will give up.
According to eBay, the busiest time is Sunday evenings, so aim to end your auction then. 
Remember though if you're aiming to sell to another country, it will be worth figuring out what time it will end their time.
Don't forget you can also think ahead and schedule up to 20 of your listings to start when you can't be around, such as holidays but make sure if going away you can have Internet access to answer any questions whilst away. 
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