Top Ten Tips for Getting Antique Furniture Delivered

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Top Ten Tips to getting Antique Furniture delivered safely.

  1. Secure all doors, drawers, keys and other moving parts.  You do not want wardrobe doors swinging opening whilst you are trying to manoeuvre it up the stairs.  Tape any keys to cabinets to the shelves or drawers inside the furniture, so that they don't get forgotten, lost or misplaced in transit.
  2. If the piece of furniture is heavy and has drawers, remove all drawers before trying to lift it.  This can make the item up to 50% lighter.
  3. Choose your delivery company carefully.  You need a courier company that is well experienced in handling antique furniture.  It is not worth saving a couple of pounds on the delivery if your item gets knocked or scratched or even broken in transit.  Speak to your courier/delivery company.  Get their contact details and have a chat with them, particularly if your item is high value.
  4. Make sure that your delivery company or courier carries blankets in the van, and strapping to ensure that the furniture can be properly secured during delivery.  Remember, things only get broken when they move.
  5. If your antique furniture is of high value, then ensure that your courier or delivery company has sufficient goods in transit insurance to cover the value of their item.  If your item is particularly high value, then don't be afraid to ask to see a copy of the Goods in Transit insurance certificate.
  6. Again, if your antique furniture is of high value, then take photos of the item in the condition that it leaves, and the condition when delivered.  This can save untold amounts of grief should an item get damaged in transit.
  7. Ensure that you have the full business & contact details of your courier or delivery company, including if possible a landline and a mobile telephone number.  And ensure that the person recieving the delivery has these details too.  Make sure that you provide your courier or delivery company with your full contact details, and those of the person recieving the delivery.  Always provide a landline and a mobile telephone number at each end.
  8. If the furniture is going to take two or more people to lift, then make sure that you have sufficient people at both the collection and delivery addresses.  Many of the cheap couriers prices are acheived because the couriers and delivery companies run the vans with one single driver.  This means that you need to make sure that you have a sufficient number of able bodied people who are able to lift and shift.
  9. Make sure that the delivery is expected.  Talk to your courier/driver to find out approx what time they will be collecting or delivering, and make sure that people are in at these times, with able bodied helpers if necessary.
  10. If the driver helps you carry the furniture inside, or re-arrange your furniture so it fits, then say Thank You!  The drivers job is usually only a kerbside delivery, so anything above and beyond that should be acknowledged and appreciated.

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