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Dos and Donts of Buying a LBD

Every woman needs the perfect Little Black Dress in their wardrobe, the LBD is perfect for Christmas partys or nights out. Here are a few do's and dont's for finding your idea LBD:

-Find a style that suits you - unfortunately body cons don't suit everybody!
-know your size and if your buying from a private seller don't be afraid to ask if the dress is a tight or loose size.
-Shop around - Most of the time you will find the same dress but prices may vary so have a look around before committing to buying the first LBD you see.
-Postage - Some sellers put the dress at a cheap price but push up the cost by charging a high postage cost. If the dress is not worth the combined price and postage then is it really worth it?
-Delivery date - Always check the estimated delivery time - If you need a LBD for the Christmas party in 3 weeks will it get here in time? Items from overseas always take a long time to arrive so bare this in mind when buying.

-Buy a dress because it looks nice on the girl in the picture - if she's a size a Victoria secret model of course it's going to look stunning on her. Be realistic!
-Forget about accessories - You may have found a beautiful LBD but can you accessorise without breaking the bank? Shoes, handbags, jewellery all add up pretty quickly if you have to buy them!
-Be afraid to ask questions about the dress, you are spending your money so the seller should be forthcoming with any queries you have.
-Don't wait for the week of your party to start looking, sellers aren't magicians they can't make the dress suddenly appear in your wardrobe - leave at least 2-3 weeks and that's only if the seller lives in your country. Delays happen and if your dress gets to you and you don't like it will you have time to get another dress?
-Don't leave it to the last minute to try on your whole outfit - a dress rehearsal is a must to ensure you feel fabulous.

Enjoy shopping and feel amazing in that perfect Little Black Dress!!

Mrsony246 / Squiggle.2012
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