Top Tips For Ebay Sellers to make money and a profit ☺

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Firstly i'd like to say hello and introduce myself,ive been selling clothing on ebay now for a good few years and gained a vast knowledge of selling techniques.

Firstly please invest in a good quality camera,or at least a half decent one,as buyers want to see clear crisp photos when they click on your listing,try and take as many photos as possible to give more detail to your buyers,close ups of tags or any detail may somtimes be helpfull and a non cluttered background is always more eye catching too,my backgrounds have always been white as this draws the buyers eye to your listing and looks clean and fresh.If you are anything like me and have shakey non steady hands then also purchase yourself a tripod,they are not too expensive and this will result in non blurred photos from shakey hands.

Adding lots of photos can be costly if done listing your items through ebay,so think about getting an outside host for your photos like photobucket and many other websites which are free or you can pay a fee for more storage on the chosen website,this will allow you to add more photos to your ebay listing for no extra cost which is great,as we all know how expensive it can be to list an item,then end of auction fees and then paypal fees on top.

Research research research,if you already know what to sell that makes you a profit then great tell me your secret ha ha,but if you dont then you will need to spend time looking through ebay with a fine tooth comb to see what is actually making money and what isnt,and then if you can get that chosen item or not yourself?

I myself have always sold clothing really which seems to do really quite well for us,we did try selling music for a while and even dabbled in antiques,but clothing always seemed more popular for us,this may not be the case for everbody though,as other people will have more knowledge of antiques than i did so will be able to know what they are looking for and what they are buying,which i didnt really.

When you see listings by other sellers making money,you then have to ask yourself why? take a good look at this sellers listing,do they have lots of clear photos of the item?does the page look cool and eye catching? what key words do these sellers use in the titles? do they offer combined postage?

The first thing a buyer will see before anything else is your title and your gallery photo,so this will need to stand out from others so that they are drawn to your item.your title again needs to have great keywords plus be informative and to the point,if you are selling a pair of jeans for example then just putting {cool jeans}]in the title is not very informative atall,you will need to give condition, like new bnwt or maybe used,the size is always a must really,if a title does not have a size if selling clothing then i dont even click on it myself,colour could be a good one too and mens or ladies etc etc,a blurred gallery photo will not draw buyers to your listing,so a crisp clear photo and maybe even think about a border round your photo too,this makes it stand out from the rest.

Make sure you describe your items as fully as pos,yes we all may leave out somthing and the buyer will still need to ask a question but if you give the size the condition and measurments plus a brief description then this is a great starting point as then the buyer may not even need to ask any questions.

Always be polite to your customers this is a must,a please and thanks is always nice to see and hear whether you are a seller or a buyer,just common curtoisy and manners is great.

when you have sold an item on ebay,also communicate with your buyer to let them know when you have posted the item out to them,i am a seller and a buyer and when i purchase somthing then its always nice to get an e-mail saying it is on the way as otherwise the buyer will worry that it hasn't even been sent yet and when they will recieve it?

If for any reason you are having problems with a buyer,like they have not paid etc then you can always block any user name from bidding on your items,you can also set requirments to block buyer from other countrys that you dont sell too,plus you can also block people that have had so many strikes given to them within the last month,which is a really important feature now that sellers can't leave bad feedback!!

Try to earn extra money by selling to another country,i myself sell to europe and america too and it cost just 10p extra to list your item on the usa ebay and it has proved well worth it for me so why not give it a go as you never know your luck!

Are you making any profit?? you need to do some calculations to see if you are making any money or losing money,the amount of times ive seen sellers losing out on money as the item will only sell for 99p or a penny,this would not even cover your listing fee let alone end of auction and paypal fee,this is just common sense.

Firstly how much did you pay for your item in the first place? then how much will it cost you to list? if you add any fancy extra's like a second category or sub title or buy it now price then all these will cost you extra,then how much will the end of auction fee be if it sells,you cant always guess this untill the item does sell but you can estimate what it would be and then your paypal fee on top of that,so at the end of the day are you gaining money or losing money ??

The last bit of advice i can give you is to enjoy what you do,if your not making money then you must need to change somthing,like some of the above i have mentioned or maybe you need to go down a different selling route and maybe try your hand at somthing else,we will all do well in the end,you just need to keep at it and try to better youself all the time,I'm still trying new techniques and trying to better myself all the time and i have been selling for years now,so even if you are new to ebay,dont be scared off if your item doesn't get bids,just look at more experienced sellers to gain tips to improve yourself.

Thanks for reading all my tips and tricks and please vote for my guide at the bottom

have fun selling and making money from vintage-handbags-and-gladrags

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