Top Tips for Buying a Nursing Bra for Breastfeeding

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When is the best time to buy a Nursing Bra?

The best time to buy your nursing bras is in the last weeks of pregnancy.  This means you will have a bra ready for when your milk comes in and for breastfeeding from birth.  The last thing you will want to do is run out to the shops with a new baby and sore boobs !!

You will need a comfortable bra as you will probably be sleeping in it, you will be leaking milk and need to wear breast pads all the time.  This should settle down with time.

What happens to my sizing after delivery?

Most women will find that their upper body will slim down after they have given birth, so you should make sure that you have the ability to tighten the band of the bra in the future.

So, if you are buying a bra in the last weeks of pregnancy, you should choose a bra that you can wear on the last set of hooks, or one which is stretchy around your rib cage. You should make sure that your bra is snug at this stage, but it should not ride up your back.

If your milk has not yet come in (this typically happens 3-5 days after you have given birth), try to allow some extra room in the cups for this to happen.

Once your milk comes in you may find you need a larger size but may go back to the smaller size once you settle into nursing around 3 months or so.

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