Top Tips for the Perfect Fitting Bra

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Top Tips for the Perfect Fitting Bra

There are many guides and advice sheets out there about how to make sure you are wearing the right size bra. This is just a short 'aide memoire' for when you are looking for a new bra.

Throw away the tape measure...

  • There are so many variables in the design and manufacture of bras; our own size and shape over the course of a month, and even differences between brands, for us to be confident in the consistency of a bra size.

Try on several sizes and several bras until you have the right fit

  • Only you will know whether a bra feels right on you - it has to be both comfortable and supporting

Different brands could mean different sizes...

  • There are even differences between manufacturers: French bras tend to be a little leaner in the cup, whilst German bras are a little more generous

Does it fit?

  • If the band is riding up at the back:
    • tighten the band at the hooks OR
    • choose a smaller band size
  • If you constantly hitch up the straps:
    • tighten the straps at the adjusters OR
    • you may need to try a smaller band size
  • Bulging boobs? Too many women wear bras that are too small in the cup and too large in the back. Try on bras that are one or even two cup sizes bigger than you would normally try. If you do this, you may need to compensate by going down in the back size (eg: 38C could become a 36D) so:
    • Go up a cup size (or 2...!)
    • Go down a back size

Breasts Forward!!!

  • Make sure they are fully and comfortably enclosed within the cup and forward of the underwires and any side stiffeners
  • The front central panel, and the underwires (if there are any) should sit flat against the breastbone
  • Nothing should dig in or cause discomfort
  • The band should be parallel with the front of the bra

Follow the Care Guide

  • Make sure your underwear continues to give you the comfort, support and confidence you deserve from having beautiful underwear by following the care instructions that are provided with your purchase
  • Tighten the hooks and straps after your bra has been washed a few times as they are designed to give a little, but you will need to adjust to compensate



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