Top Tips on Getting a Secondhand Sofa Delivered

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Cheap and Easy Sofa Deliveries

There are lots of really good bargains on eBay for secondhand sofas.  With the furniture companies offering free credit there are lots of nearly new sofas out there for sale on eBay and Gumtree at a really good price.  One of the reasons for this is that lots of people don’t really know how to cheaply get a sofa delivered, and so many sellers list as local pick up only, and lots of buyers only think of looking at items that are located next to them.

uShip however is a perfect solution for anyone looking to get a Sofa delivered.  On uShip couriers and transport companies quote competitively to you through a reverse auction website.  Put simply, this means that you get lots of different companies competing for your job.  You list the item quickly and easily via one form, we put your courier job up on the website for out thousands of courier and transport companies to see and quote on, and they quote to you via uShip.  So you get no cold calls, and get lots of quotes that you can compare quickly and easily online.

When you have the quotes, we recommend that you review the feedback and profile of the courier and transport company.  Read what other customers have said and their experiences.  If you have any questions use the messaging system to ask the couriers before you accept the quotes.   Then just accept the quote.  

When you accept a quote you’ll be asked to pay a deposit.  This deposit will be deducted from delivery price quoted, and the balance is paid direct to the transporter.  You WILL NOT be asked to pay a customer service fee, or an auction service fee.  There are no customer fees charged on uShip.

So, what else is important – things that we suggest that you;

(1) Ask for accurate dimension measurements of sofas and armchairs.  Many modern sofas are bigger than a standard size transit/panel van.   This means that if you underestimate the length of a sofa then the courier many not be able to fit it in his van when he turns up.  Causing delays, inconvenience, and extra costs for you, the seller and the courier.  

(2) Make sure that you ask for a Blanket Wrap delivery service.  Blanket wrap means just that.  That the courier will wrap the sofa in a blanket whilst it’s in transit.  It is virtually impossible (and very expensive) to wrap a sofa in bubble wrap, or a box, but blankets are very easy.  Most couriers who move sofas regularly carry a pile of blankets for this purpose.

(3) A sofa is big, and can’t be lifted by one person.  So make sure that you know how will be available to lift in and out of the house at both ends.  Don’t take it for granted that the courier will have a co-driver who will be able to help.  This is something that you should check using the uShip Q&A function.

(5) Ask the seller what marks/damage there is on the sofa.  Tell your courier this.  That way, if the item is more marked/damaged than you anticipate the courier can alert you to this before he picks it up and brings it to you.  

(6) Measure your front door.  Check that the sofa will fit through it!  The last thing you want is your lovely sofa stuck in the garage because it won’t fit through the door.

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