Top Tips while buying clothing, fashions items and gifts

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Keep below points in mind

1 - Never buy with Imaginative thinking : People make mistakes by just imagining 'They will look similar to  how an item been advertised.

2 - Buy what you like : People make silly mistakes of buying items which they see others are buying. ' You taste, your choice'.

3 - Plan shopping in advance : Follow 3 B's - Budget, Browse and Buy.
People always think that they will get a best deal as they get closer towards the festive time. Either stock will run out and you will miss out the products or limited stock will always have higher price.

4 - Shop regularly :  Spreading your cost to buy right items, this will always encourage you to keep regular check on new product in the market.

5 - Read item specifics : Always read through the item specifics, details and other information. Specially size guide or ask a seller. 

6 - Follow Brands and Sellers :  If your shopping experience was exceeding expectations, then follow or subscribe that seller. These are easy ways to find products that suits your fitting needs, quality and customer services.

Make your shopping experience  a great journey. Shopping is all about FUN, and our vision is to make Fashion Affordable and more stylish for you. 

Happy Shopping 
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