Top Video Cards

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Top Video Cards

A good video card not only boosts performance during game play, it also speeds up other applications. The top video cards are rather expensive and therefore doing some research before making a purchase is a good idea. You can learn about the features of top high-quality video cards in order to make an informed decision.


Choosing the Chipset

The two main chipsets for video cards are AMD and NVIDIA and these technologies differ in important ways. Generally, the little extras distinguish one technology from the other. The Eyefinity technology of AMD allows you to create a digital wall as you can set up and run up to six monitors with one card. NVIDIA is famous for its 3D Vision and PhysX, a technology that makes the objects behave according to real-world physics.


Video Card Features

A top video card comes with a high performing graphics processing unit (GPU). Typically, the higher the number in the GPU's name, the more powerful it is. This part of the card acts like the motherboard of a computer as it runs all the processes necessary for graphics rendering and analyses and uses data. The more memory a video card has, the quicker it performs. In addition, some types of memory, such as GDDR5, are faster than other types. Lower-end video cards often come with faster clock speeds that compensate for the lack of memory, but this actually does not increase performance. Therefore, be careful with opting for a faster clock speed if you want a top video card. When selecting a top card, also bear in mind that the high-end cards can be very long and thus not fit all kinds of computer cases.


Consulting Experts

When choosing the best video card, you could easily get lost in the specifications. Remember that these are just numbers. These numbers do mean something, but they also require a context, although they could provide a basis for comparison. To find the best card for your needs, focus on reviews from experts and people with similar video card use patterns as yours. Some independent companies also run numerous tests that help to determine how each new card works. They later summarise these tests into rankings and you can see benchmarks, even for each particular game.


Benefits of Mid-Range Cards

As someone looking for a top video card, you probably do not want lower-end cards that do not perform so well and only cater to current games. However, buying the latest and most expensive card may also be a bad idea because card technologies change quickly and soon the price may drop. Instead, you could go for a mid-range card that is actually the top end of the last generation.

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