Top Ways to Repair Suede Apparel

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Top Ways to Repair Suede Apparel

Suede apparel features a lovely, soft texture. While it is durable, it can occasionally suffer damage from regular wear and tear. When a favourite suede piece of yours has a tear, a scuff mark, or a stain, try some easy fixes at home to restore the piece.

Repairing Torn Suede Apparel

Occasionally, suede jackets or shirts rip, usually at the seam. If this happens, buy a patch kit for leather or suede. Turn the piece of clothing inside out and look for the origin of the rip. With a seam ripper, remove the stitches along that section of the seam. Insert the patch into the garment between the suede and the inner lining. Pull the edges of the rip together, hold them tight, and glue the patch to that spot so that it holds the torn material in place. If the area shows a bit of the ripped, glued edges, put some leather protector and leather touch-up on the seam to camouflage the repair.


Removing Dirt from Suede Apparel

A suede cleaning kit is your first line of defence against permanent damage to your suede clothing and suede shoes. Often, such a kit includes a special brush you can use to treat the delicate grain of suede. If your apparel gets dirty, wait until it is completely dry and then gently brush off the loose dirt from the problem area.

Eliminating Scuff Marks on Suede Apparel

Scuffs occur on well-used parts of your suede clothing or shoes, such as the toes of boots or the elbows of a jacket. A scuff often mashes down the grain of the suede in the wrong direction. To undo the damage, swiftly brush the material with a suede brush until the scuffed spot matches the rest of the piece again.

Taking Stains out of Suede Apparel

To remove a stain from a suede jacket or coat ,try a rubber pencil eraser or a suede eraser first. If that does not work, use a little warm water and a suede brush. For oil spots, sprinkle a bit of cornstarch on the area and let it sit overnight before brushing it again. In each case, you may be able to treat the stain successfully, or you may not. The ideal remedy is prevention, so apply some suede protector spray and use caution with your suede apparel.

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