Top Wedding Planning Tips!

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Top Wedding Planning Tips!

I have working as a wedding coordinator for almost three years now, during which time I have worked on over 250 weddings - so it's time to share some of my 'top tips'!

The first thing to do when you start to plan your wedding is to find a nice bow to keep everything wedding related together. From your wedding file, to fabric swatches and inspirational clippings from magazines, keep everything in your wedding box!

Make the most of your wedding budget by choosing flowers which are in season and are locally grown, rather than something which needs flying in from sunnier climes!

The best way to choose a wedding photograher is to meet them - it's important that you get on! If possible view a full, complete album of one wedding. That way, rather than see the best photos from a number of weddings you can see the finished product, and the photographers ability to 'tell a story' with their pictures.

Don't go overboard with DIY, unless you have a lot of help available! Set strict deadlines for anything you make and be realistic with time scales - don't forget that closer to the date, the more you'll have to do. Keep anything you do make nice and simple, so they don't take too long!

One common thing overlooked by couples having civil ceremonies is the music! You can add your own music and non religious readings to personalise the service, and make it just how you want it.

If you are planning to throw your bouquet it might be worth buying a smaller, simpler version just for this purpose. That way you can keep your bouquet!

When sending out your invitations, it's a good idea to send pre-printed RSVP cards too. They really do encourage people to reply and can save you from having to call your guests to find out if they will be attending. Adding the invited guests names to the RSVP card can also avoid the difficult situation where guests 'invite' other friends or family members along too!

If you are planning on changing your name after you are married, and want to travel abroad on your honeymoon in your new name, dont forget to apply for a new passport! Pop to the Post Office for the form a few months before the wedding. Don't forget that your new passport won't be valid until you are married so overseas trips will have to be put on hold.

Try to have something planned for the day after your wedding, perhaps lunch with close family or a BBQ at a relatives house. It's easy to feel quite deflated after the wedding, even with the honeymoon to look forward to so it's nice to carry the celebrations on!

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