Top eBay Seller Sources to find eBay Auction Product

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Finding viable profitable products to auction on eBay can be a challenge even to top eBay sellers.

This Guide should get you in the right direction and includes some great eBay links.

The place most people start is at home, to get the experience as there are lots of great items waiting to be listed.  Find items you would normally throw out or sell at a garage sale.   Do you have old cds, movies or books that you no longer want ?  What about that gift you got for your birthday or Christmas that you don't need. Old Nick-Knacks or toys ?

Try going through those boxes that you have been storing for years and you should be able to find all sorts of good things.  You will gain invaluable experience and clear some space at the same time.

Remember " one man's junk is another mans treasure "

You will of course soon run out of stuff to sell and are probably anxious to get new interesting product to sell. What else can I sell and where will I get it ?

There is no simple answer as the possibilities are endless.  There are some good starting points below.

However before you ' stock up ' there are some important things to find out. Far too many sellers skip this step ( research is key )

Is my product in demand ? How much can I sell it for ?

It could be costly to find a Niche that will actually be profitable but if your smart and do some leg work it will pay off huge and save you money. 

Do Your Research on the internet and also on eBay. 
Supply and Demand will determine if viable.

Check Completed Listings on eBay for similar items.

Download eBay Hot List

Browse the Want It Now Section to see what is in demand and not easily available on eBay.

Go to eBay Pulse UK and see top selling items and keywords ( there is a pulse section for each category )
Use a research tool such as eBay Marketplace Research or Terapeak (coming soon for UK specific research)for a better idea on how much an item potentially worth, along with other valuable information.

A good starting point eBay Forum on Research on what will be successful, how and where to find it, along with strategies to be most profitable.

Where do eBay top sellers source products ?

Garage Sales - with a little practice you will be able to spot more and more treasures
Thrift Stores - packed with in demand items.
Estate Sales - often way under valued.
Product Wholesalers - try your local phonebook or a paid wholesale site on the internet.
Local Retails Stores - items with a local flare can sell well internationally.
Other Auctions ( Charity / Police / Liquidation / Estate / Government )
Friends and Families - ask them they may know someone or have stuff to sell for a percentage
Sell a Service - locally or in some case internationally
eBay Wholesale and Job Lots Sections - Lots of great bulk items in many categories
Information Products - are you an expert at something - write an eBook
Become a Trading Assistant ( sell for locals who do not know how )
Use a drop shipper ( you list and they carry the inventory and stock for you )

eBay Sourcing Directory

Be Creative and You Will find more ideas !

By researching and sourcing from some of the above you will be miles ahead of your competition and should be able to join the elite group of eBay Powerseller Programme

Now go out and build your business and reputation

Once you find something that is working go with it and expand from there.  You can never have too many sources so always be on the lookout.

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