Top ten tips when buying a dress on Ebay.

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This guide is for all the women out there who love to buy dresses especially online on platform let ebay, the hints in this guide are not exclusive to the ebay market place, these tips can easily apply to other platforms and e commerce stores.

10 Bodycon Dress


The bodycon dress is now the staple of any wardrobe and perfect for any party,
or special date. It's worth noting that bodycon dresses are made with elastane, which make the
dress more stretchable the more elastane the more stretch. So always check the item description and
specifics for the material and percentage of each material. 


9 Bodycon Dress


The colour or color of your dress is of course very important, but it worth remembering that photo's on your computer may vary,
some sellers/stores do mention this. As photo's taken with the flash setting on make the colors look a lot brighter and can seem
a bit washed out. It's always good to ask about the colour and to bare in mind that your computer monitor has an effect on the colour
of a dress.


8 River Island Dress Size 8 UK


This very very important you want to make sure that your item fits perfectly.
Many stores on Ebay have a sizing chart, I would advise using a sizing but that's not the
end of the matter. It's best get a similar dress from the wardrobe, lay it flat on the table and 
measure across the bust, then along the length and across the neck. This should give a better
idea about the item size, you can also ask the seller about the item size in more detail if your not sure.
Always remember different countries have different sizing so it's worth making that extra effort when buying.


7 Auction Dress

Product description.

Always check the product description in full, it's so easy to be just tempted by a great picture
again email the seller and ask about the condition the wear and if there is any damage. And if you
are not happy then don't bid, some seller will say things like only worn once and when the dress
arrives it's been worn maybe once for more like a whole week, so be careful.

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6 Auction Dress

Postage Costs

Recently postage cost increased recently in the UK, so most small packet items weighing under
1kg will be £3.00 if sent 1st class. There are some seller who over charge for postage especially
on auction items, so watch out for these auctions it's easy to get carried away bid on an item only to 
then notice the postage cost is a bit steep. Most sellers charge reasonable rates for items so you should
be ok but again do watch out.


5 Flocked Prom Dress


Will this speaks for itself, do compare dresses and not just the brand names you will find that small less known
brand/labels provide the same style of dress for a massive difference in price, so don't just stick to the brands that you
know you maybe surprised what you might discover.


4 Seventies Style Dress

Be Different

By being different you will find that fashion gem, that will have all your friends asking where did you get your dress,
there are hundreds of sellers who sell many somewhat weird and wonderful items. So be different and set your own trend.


3 Grecian Mini Dress.

Stay in Contact.

This may sound a little strange but, this is the best way of getting not just the bargains today, but forever.
Sign up to a seller list or add them as a favourite seller, by doing this you will get emails and updates on the latest
dresses in the sellers store and you will also be the first to know if that seller has a sale taking place, so you 
could really grab yourself a real bargain.


2 Floral Bodycon.

Empty the wardrobe.

This may seem wrong to mention clearing the wardrobe and what does that have to do with buying a dress online,
well I thought I'd let you in a little secret used by many buyers. There are hundreds if not thousands of ebay buyers
that sell all their dresses and other items first before buying that new dress, and this makes perfect sense as you
don't want to appear on tv for being Britains or the Worlds worst horder. So why not offset the price of buying online
by seller your unwanted item first, this way you will be saving yourself even more money.


1 Photo Model Dress

Have Fun

One of the great about bidding/buying on ebay or online in general is that it's fun, even if you don't 
win that special dress for that special date. You know that another will come along soon all you have to do is keep

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