Top tips for buying figurines.

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Figurines can be a fantastic investment for the future, a great way to show people that you have passion for a specific comic book character or television show or alternatively just a way to show off to your friends.

When it comes to buying figurines there are a vast array on offer through eBay. You can buy new figurines and used figurines. Here are my top tips for buying figurines:

1. Be sure to check the condition of the item. Be aware that there is a big difference between used, new and like new when it comes to packaging of items. A used figurine may have been removed from the box and put back several times or may even come without a box. A like new figurine may be in fantastic condition but may come in a damaged box, so be sure to check the item details with regards to the condition of the box.

2. If you are buying for investment purposes only then be sure to go for rarer figurines. Look for limited edition items and be sure that they come in the original box and any applicable dustbag/packaging. 

3. If you are buying just to own the figurine, and will be opening the box anyway, then look for used figurines that are not provided in their original packaging. These can be considerably cheaper and best of all you were going to throw out the box anyway so may as well save some money and save on postage and packaging costs too.

4. It is often possible to buy used figurines on eBay that have a small amount of damage but be sure to check all relevant photographs and read the item descriptions carefully to avoid missing any details about damage. 

There are a vast array of comic book characters, movies and TV shows that have figurine sets now, so there is almost always going to be a figurine collection for fans of anything. When collecting figurines be sure from the outset that you know whether you are collecting for fun or collecting as a future investment and make your purchases accordingly. 
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