Top tips for dry/damaged hair

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Having had dry and damaged hair myself I have some top tips for repairing and caring for your dry and damaged hair. 
The cause of the problem is where you need to look firstly - In my case, it was bleaching. I was having highlights every 3 or so months making my hair brittle and susceptible to damage and split ends. 
The first thing I did was have my hair dyed back to my natural colour so I could begin to care for my hair and not need to dye it to keep up with the re growth. 
I then started looking into ways to help repair the damage and keep my hair in top condition.
Firstly, a deep conditioning treatment is a MUST! If your hair is really damaged massage the deep conditioning treatment into your hair and wrap with cling film. Sit with this on for at least an hour or so, depending on the condition of your hair. This gives the treatment the time to work into your hair. If you put conditioner on and not leave it on you might as well not put any on. Its like moisturiser for your face, You wouldn't put it on then just wipe it off without rubbing it in. 
The product that I have found to be the best for very damaged hair is Ojon. This product gives improvement in the condition of dry, damaged hair after just 1 treatment. This clinically proven cult classic is fortified with pure Ojon™ oil, nature's powerful golden elixir, a rare powerful natural ingredient that's rich in essential lipids similar to those found in healthy hair. After just one treatment, this rich, velvety balm dramatically helps restore vibrant health, strength and shine to even the most damaged hair. Hair is soft, silky and manageable. A must-have for lifeless, dull, brittle, frizzy, flyaway or unmanageable hair. 
You could stick to doing this once per month and use any deep conditioning treatment in between say every week. 
Keep your hair in tip top condition! 
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