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Selling clothes online has never been easier. Most of the people, who have never done this think that it is easy, but it is not exactly true... Selling clothes online does not only take time, but a lot of work, too. It is not important to have just commercial flair. There are a few more important details. Here are some of them:

The most important thing in one listing is the title!

When you decide to start listing in eBay, you should have to know that this is seriously the most important thing because the search works exactly with titles. So, let’s pretend that you have an amazing Versace dress that you want to sell. If your title is just ,,Versace dress’’ the amount of people that would find it is really small. Nobody is searching just for a Versace dress. If I am searching for a pink Versace dress and I wear size M, I will probably write in the search ,,Pink Versace dress size M’’, because I don’t want to see dresses size L, XL and so on or dresses in green, blue, black… eBay gives the opportunity to make your titles up to 80 symbols, which is enough to write the most important details of the clothing item like brand, size, color, fabric, condition and etc. Your title would attract more people if it is written ,,Summer pink Versace long dress size M 100% cotton". If the dress is from an exact fashion line of the brand you should write that, too. For example if your dress is from the Versus line, write that… In case you have some extra symbols left you can write some ,,modern’’ word like "stunning, attractive, amazing, beautiful, vintage, retro" and so on. But never include too many words like that in the important information. I’ve seen great clothes that are sold really hard just because the sellers titled them ,,Stunning, unique beautiful dress’’ … People don’t use the search like that, they search for type, color, size so words like ,,beautiful’’ or ,,stunning’’ you should use just to make your title cooler and just in case you have some extra symbols after you have written the important information for the clothing item. 

The second most important thing is the pictures!

Yes, that’s right. Pictures are the second thing that would make people stop and see exactly your clothing item. After the buyer have sorted the ads by type, color and size he starts just scrolling down the page and searching for something he likes. If your pictures (and especially your main picture) are bad very few people would click your ad. Make sure you always have nice and clear pictures. 
Make sure the clothing item doesn’t merge with the background… If you are selling a red jacket for example, don’t picture it on brown, purple or red background… Make sure the pictures aren’t blurred, too. Make as many detail pictures as you can. That would help the potential client to make sure the quality and the condition of the clothing item are good. 
If you sell designer clothes it would be good to picture all the tags on the clothing item. I’ve always been amazed by how can someone wants to sell a jacket for 150 pounds without even having good quality pictures!? One blurred picture of a jacket with unknown origin would never make me want to spend so much money! 
Always make your pictures on clean nice background. Make the picture beam comfort. I would never picture directly on the floor. I would picture on a blanket or on a clean carpet. I have nothing against those who picture directly on the floor. If I have to be honest I would buy a blouse, pictured on a clean shiny floor rather than a dress, pictured on a dirty or ripped blanket. 
Really, make sure you make high quality pictures, because a few of those would say more than a thousand of words... 

The third most important thing is the description.

Do you know that there are listings, whose titles are longer than the descriptions? It is a madness to give your listing a title"Stunning vintage retro summer pink dress size M bargain" and the description to be"Used, pink dress size M". Ads like that often stay without a buyer and if there is one there is a possibility INAD case to be opened against you because the buyer is not happy with what he got – it is not true to size, the color is in another shade from what the buyer wants and so on.  
EBay gives us the opportunity to write descriptions as long and informative as needed. 
 Always give the exact measures of the clothes, each brand has its own sizes. Sometimes even one brand has differences in sizes. I personally give all measures in cm and inches. If you don’t want to measure and calculate both cm and inches you can write the measures in one of them (cm or inches) and the clients can convert it online, for example how inches are 30 cm and so on. For blouses it is important to give the length from the shoulder, width for the armpits and length of the sleeves and you must say from where you measure – from an armpit or from a shoulder. I personally measure both. For trousers – waist, hips, length of the leg from an inside edge and the whole length of the trousers. If you don’t include these measures you risk you and the client to end up not happy. The client would be sad that he have bought inappropriate clothing item (and you can even receive negative feedback for that) and you will be dissatisfied because not only you would have to give the money back to the client but you would also have to pay additional postage to take your clothing item back from the buyer. 
By giving exact measures you insure yourself, but only partially. Of course many buyers don’t measure their clothes to make sure that the clothes they want to buy will fit. 
If you think that the real color is not the same as it is on the pictures, write that in the description. If you have for example a yellow shirt and the camera makes the color more beige I think it is right to write that in the listing. 
Write the real condition of the product. Is it new, is it with a tag or without. If it is used – in what condition it is: 
Great condition – if it is new or it doesn’t look like it is used.
In a very good condition – if you can hardly tell it is used, but it is.
In a good condition – if you can tell that the clothing item is used. 
Describe the defects if there are ones: fading, staining, a hole and so on…It won’t be nice for anyone to pay for a great condition clothing item and to receive stained clothing item with a hole...

Forth important thing: the price!

Explore the market before you define the price of the clothes you want the eventual buyer to buy. If you have decided to sell a Ralph Lauren shirt, make a quick research. See what prices the other sellers have given and make sure the price is good for the condition of the clothing. If the shirt is new with a tag check the category of the new clothes and if it is used check the category of the used clothes. You can also inform yourself from the already sold items. You will see how much the people have paid for a similar item and that way you can define adequate price. 

Fifth important thing: storage of the clothes.

My advice is to use ziplock bags for storage of the clothes. That way you keep the clothes not only from stains and dust but from the smell, too: you won’t be happy to receive jeans, smelling of fried potatoes and roast chicken, right?

Sixth important thing: packaging and sending of the clothes.

It is really bad to receive an expensive beautiful dress that is wrinkled and stored in an old plastic bag… Make sure to send your clothes neatly folded and good packaged. First put the folded clothing item in a plastic bag and then in an envelope. I don’t recommend using paper bags because it can ruin and damage or stain the clothing item and the postman Harry can pour his morning coffee over the paper bag (:D) ... The clothing item can be new with a tag and with a coffee stain on it… I am sure that the best bags for the case are strong opaque plastic bags. 
It would be great if you include a note or a postcard to thank the buyer for buying from you, to wish him luck and so on.

Seventh important thing: inform the buyer when and how the package is send.

If the clothing item is expensive you probably would have to pay extra money for a tracking number. Always write down the tracking number. Send the buyer a message to inform him that the package is shipped and when he will receive it. Tell him the tracking number, too.  

Eighth important thing: communcation! *be nice and kind*

Always answer kindly to eventual buyers. Don’t forget that these people will give you their money! If you have enough information in your listings you will receive less messages with questions because buyers count on the information in the ad and if it is enough, questions for you will be rare. 
You will probably receive many questions for discounts. Even if the question for discount is ridiculous and stupid, don’t answer the buyer rudely! If someone asks you ,,Could you sell that shirt for 10 pounds?’’ answer him politely ,,No, thank you. It is not profitable to sell it for 10 pounds, because I bought it for 80 pounds and I have worn it once.’’ Don’t tell him ,,Are you mad? I bought it for 80 pounds and you want me to give it away?’’  
If someone ask you ,,Will these jeans fit me?’’ (one of the most ridiculous questions…) tell him ,,I don’t know if they will fit you, everybody has different body shape. Check the measures I’ve given in the ad, measure your jeans and see if they would fit or not.’’ Don’t say ,,How can I know? My crystal ball broke.’’ 
Always keep good manners. The efforts you will make are the same in both situations. In the first situation you may insult the buyer and he will never come back to you and the other situation is to leave good impression and not only the buyer will be a regular customer but he may recommend you to other people.

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