Top tips when buying football boots

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Firstly, don't buy boots because Ronaldo or Messi wears them, buy them because they suit your needs. 
There are different types of boots - studs, blades, rubber and a mixture. You need to know what surface you want your boots for. If it's for grass or artificial turf? Grass - rubber studs which are for harder grass in summer. If it's for the winter you need longer studs which can tend to be metal or rubber but they are longer studs.

Comfort - obviously the more you pay the more comfortable the boots will be so it all depends on your budget and needs. 

These days the boots are getting lighter and lighter using more conventional materials. The more money you pay the better the boots will be but there are mid range boots that do the job perfectly. No need to pay top dollar for boots that professionals wear unless you can afford it or at the level of a professional footballer.

stay away from bottom grade boots as these are often made purely with the wrong blend of material and are made cheaply but if needs must then make sure they fit comfortably and are for the right ground etc.

when trying boots on you need to make sure they fit correctly also how many pairs or socks do you wear to play football? Personally I use to wear 2 pairs normal sports socks and football socks so this also needs to be taken into account.
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