Toplife Cat Milk and Whiskas milk

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Although not a fan of giving milk to cats, as it is not natural once they have outgrown their need for it as kittens, it is sometimes necessary to tempt a cat to drink. I have a cat who needs liquids, he had a drinking fountain but there is a need to ensure he drinks as much as possible for his health, so have been giving Whiskas cat milk for some time with no problems. It has laways been in good condition, and keeps well in the fridge once opened, although pricey. It does the job well.

Recently, for some reason we ended up with 2 cartons of  TopLife cat milk. Having run out of Whiskas I opened the first carton and poured it to find it was a disgusting mess of lumps and blobs. The second carton was the same. The use by date is some time ahead - November in fact, today is June 27th.

The TopLife mik is not worth buying, possibly the packaging is the problem, a little waxed carton, whereas Whiskas is in a plastic bottle, with a sealed top and a lid. However, it shows that you do get what you pay for.

I would not buy it again and have contacted the makers as it left me with a cat needing liquid and nothing to give him to supplement the usual wet food/added water.

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