Toshiba Libretto 100ct laptop guide!

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Hello and welcome to my guide for the Toshiba Libretto 100ct sub-notebook!

First thing to notice is the size, or lack of it, when closed the computer is no bigger than a VHS video cassette!

These laptops were often used in the UK by mobile doctors, as they could run pieces of medical equipment with them

These little machines are very good, they run windows 98se very well, the later models can run windows 2000, but the 100ct can not!

With A 166mhz pentium pro processor, 32mbs of ram (easily upgraded) and a modest hard drive, it is an inexpensive, truly portable office computer!

Providing your not running anything too demanding, complex graphics software it can not handle, there is no reason why you can't use this as an office machine!

It does take USB memory sticks (tested mine with a 512mb), it can do the internet, e-mail and many more basic office applications.

The battery life is modest, it doesn't burn your lap, make sure you get the dock with it, or the functions are severly limited, the screen mouse is easy to use, once your use to it!

Recommended, providing you don't pay too much for one!

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