Tottenham Hotspur Football Ticket Buying Guide

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Tottenham Hotspur Football Ticket Buying Guide

Based in Tottenham, the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club or 'Spurs' frequently play in matches against other British football clubs as well as European matches, as they are in the Premier League. Anyone looking for tickets to see the Tottenham Hotspur football team should decide if they would like to see the team in their hometown, in another British city, or in Europe for an international match. Wherever the tickets, finding them, choosing a ticket and, if necessary, accommodation as well should not be too complicated.

Tickets to see the Tottenham Spurs can be purchased from the match venue as well as from online stores, but usually only directly before the match. If there are no upcoming matches, the only tickets available are likely to be stubs and other collectible memorabilia. Buyers can use the following information to find, purchase, and enjoy their tickets for a Tottenham Hotspur football game.

A Brief History of Tottenham Hotspurs

The Tottenham Hotspur Football Club was founded in 1882 and has a very rich and influential history in football. Their motto, 'Audere est Facere', literally means 'To Dare is To Do', and their emblem is a cockerel standing on a football. The team won the FA Cup in 2001, and to date is the only non-League member to have done so. They were also the first team to win the League and FA Cup Double, and the first British football club to win the UEFA club competition. The Spurs have won a major trophy at least once per decade, which is an achievement that has only been matched by one other British Football club, Manchester United. The Spurs have won the FA cup a total of seven times, the League cup four times, the FA Charity Cup seven times, the UEFA cup twice, and the Anglo-Italian League Cup once, as well as a diverse range of non-cup trophies several times.

Purchasing Home Game Tickets

Most Tottenham Spurs home games are played at the team's home stadium, White Hart Lane in Tottenham, London. The venue holds 36,310 people and is often referred to as 'the Lane' rather than White Hart Lane. Built in 1899, the stadium had a record attendance upwards of 75,000 people for the FA Cup, but the attendance limit was lowered after stand places were replaced with seats.

Anyone who wants to purchase tickets for home games in White Hart Lane can look on the website for White Hart Lane or any approved distributor of the tickets. It is a good idea to choose which stand to buy tickets for, as well as where to access the stadium. The following chart includes a list of the four stands built in White Hart Lane along with capacity and seating arrangements.




North Stand


Paxton Road

South Stand


Park Lane

East Stand


Worcester Avenue

West Stand


High Road

Anyone looking for a good seating arrangement can choose any of these stands, although west and east sides are wide views while north and south are long views. Ticket costs tend to vary per the year, but season tickets are available for every game played at the Lane, while other available tickets include the normally 19 games played at the home stadium plus other games. Season tickets vary in price and availability and are usually sold as membership options along with free Spurs TV and other amenities.

Tottenham Hotspurs Tickets

There is a range of different Hotspurs tickets for sale, although not all of them are always available. First, there are multiple levels of season tickets and memberships, each of which is good for only one person. Second, ticket packages and game options are almost always a consideration and so are match breaks, which include hotel accommodation, European travel including ticket, plane ticket, and hotel, and even coach travel for non-home games.

Season Tickets

These are the most expensive tickets and only for the fans who can afford to pay for them. There are three types of season tickets available for the Spurs including Basic, Gold, and Platinum. Basic tickets include all home league games as well as the first two home Cup-Ties. Gold season tickets include every game at the Lane, home League fixtures, and the first two Cup-Ties. Platinum tickets are the most expensive but include all tickets including European games if the team qualifies.

Match Break Packages

These are typically packages that include travel, accommodation, and match tickets. Packages range from domestic travel to European flights. Typically, the ticket completely covers anything required for the game including travel and hotel. However, some home games, such as Home Premier fixtures, only include the ticket and hotel stay. Overnight and same-day return tickets are usually available for European games when applicable.

Standard Tickets

Standard tickets to the Tottenham Hotspur football games are sold as-is with single entrance per ticket. Most people can choose to purchase these in singles or for a group of people, although single tickets often have the same administration costs as multiple ticket purchases. Buyers should pay attention to these tickets as they are only good for a single game and may require travel and hotel depending on location. Single tickets are sold for home, home premier, and international games.

Purchasing Tottenham Hotspur Memorabilia with Tickets

Most people want memorabilia or collectibles with their tickets. In this case, it is possible to purchase memorabilia including T-shirts, signs, caps, jerseys, track suits, and more from the stadium. Buyers can usually save money by looking online for memorabilia. Important considerations for anyone purchasing memorabilia from somewhere other than the shop include checking to see if it is authorised as non-authorised memorabilia such as T-shirts may not be permitted at the game. However, for the most part, this should not be a problem. Buyers can look for everything from flags to T-shirts without much trouble, although it is usually a very good idea to compare prices and get a good deal.

Finding Tottenham Hotspur Tickets for Sold Out Games

The Tottenham Hotspur Football club is very popular and the home stadium is relatively small compared to other stadiums. As a result, the games often sell out, sometimes well in advance of the game. Anyone who wants to go to a game that has already been sold out can consider looking at online stores for tickets or asking around to see if anyone has a spare ticket that they would be willing to sell. While options are not always going to be available, it is always worth a try as tickets are sometimes put up for sale by people who have changed their plans or by venues wanting to get rid of last minute tickets.

Finally, a good way to ensure a spot at a Tottenham Hotspurs game is to simply purchase the tickets in advance. While tickets are not always available, purchasing them as soon as they go up for sale almost guarantees that the buyer can get a ticket. For international games and anywhere that requires a hotel, remember to book the accommodation and transportation with the ticket. This is because hotels often raise their prices when busy and might also sell out of rooms just before the game.

Buying Tottenham Hotspurs Tickets on eBay

eBay is a great place to look for Tottenham Hotspurs tickets, even if they are almost sold out. It is possible to find both home and international game tickets on eBay, although usually only just before the game. Sellers on eBay list for a variety of reasons, and some sellers are often even resellers or vendors looking to sell their tickets more quickly.

Anyone purchasing Tottenham Hotspurs tickets on eBay should read the full listing description to ensure that the tickets are new and not for collection, that the tickets are to the right game, and that they include the type of seating preferred by the buyer. From there, comparing multiple options, if available, can help buyers with finding the best deal or ticket value before purchasing. Finally, if you have any questions, remember to contact the seller to ask them about the tickets before buying.


The Tottenham Hotspurs are a great football club with a lot of prestigious wins on their record. The team is popular to see for both home and international games and tickets usually sell fast. Buyers can choose to purchase home stadium tickets, season passes, or tickets to British or European games, depending on the season and ticket availability. Most buyers can choose tickets based on the games they would like to see as well as their budget.

Anyone who would like to see every game can likely save money by purchasing season tickets, but it is also possible to purchase tickets to only one game or to only home games. Some types of tickets do sell out faster than others so it is usually a good idea to buy as early as possible. Buyers should research their tickets, look for the best deal, and then purchase them from the team's official website or an online site such as eBay.

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