Touch Screen + TV mobiles from China & HK use in the UK

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Touch Screen and TV mobiles from China and Hong Kong for use in the UK

eBay is rammed with sellers from China and Hong Kong trying to sell into the UK market. A massive market is mobile phones and always trying to produce a better model with more and more features. If you search eBay for "TV Mobile Phone" or "Touch Screen Mobile Phone" you would get so many results it would take you days to look through them all and 90% would be from China or Hong Kong.



When you buy one of these phones it isnt just a case of putting in your SIM card and away you go (like many of the auction state). If you just put in your SIM card and turn it on you will only get your basic functions like making and receiving calls and if you are lucky sending and receiving basic text messages. This is because your network settings need to programed into the phone so your phone knows what part of the network it needs to "talk" to when performing a specific function. So for example when sending a text message your phone would send the data entered to the SMS Center which would relay this on as a text message. There are different settings for Picture Messaging (Mulitmedia message), video calls and WAP internet (gprs). If you dont enter the correct details into the phone the feature will not work!

TV Feature

Many of the mobiles now offer a TV tuner built in - wow! This may be great in China and Hong Kongs built up cities but have you ever tried one in the UK? If you have ever tried to get a picture on a portable TV you will know how bad it can be! Also the tuners built in are ANALOG and since the UK is switching to DIGITAL TV very soon this would render the TV function on the phone useless.

I just thought I would bring these points to light as I know a few people who have bought these mobile phones for between £40-£50 delivered to the UK and they are next to useless as you cant use most of the "amazing" features.

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