Touch-up Hair Colouring Kit Buying Guide

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Touch-up Hair Colouring Kit Buying Guide

eBay is a truly fantastic resource to buy touch-up hair colouring kits. Hair is one of the key features of our appearance and it must be in a good condition at all times. This may mean undergoing cuts, styling and colouring on a regular basis to achieve healthy and great looking hair.

Whether the buyer is looking for a particular style or brand of touch-up hair colouring kits, eBay stocks a vast range of hair care products to suit everyone regardless of their desires or requirements.

The purpose of this guide is to inform the reader all about touch-up hair colouring kits and to explain how to purchase these health and beauty products on eBay.

With flexible payment options, competitive pricing and excellent customer service, eBay is the best place to buy a touch-up hair colouring kit.

Hair Colouring

Hair colouring, as the name suggests, involves changing the colour of hair from one to another. Women, as well as some men, change the colour of their hair for many reasons. Some of these include:

  • To give their hair a more fashionable or trendy look
  • To give themselves a new identity
  • To hide or cover grey hair and roots
  • To restore the original colour to their hair after it has been discoloured (by hairdressing procedures, bleaching or sun bleaching)

To change the colour of hair, some form of dye containing chemical compounds must be used. This method of hair dyeing dates back thousands of years to ancient times.

In terms of hair colouring, there are four common classifications: permanent, semi-permanent, demi-permanent (or deposit only) and temporary.

Touch-up Hair Colouring

Touch-up hair colouring is a minor process of rejuvenating hair with colour in between colourings. This process is for those people who like the colour of their current hair, and wish to maintain it, so are using the touch-up technique to continue the life of their current hair. Touch-up hair colouring products are predominantly semi-permanent, although some may be permanent (all products are labelled with their hair colouring classifications).

Touch-up Hair Colouring Products

Touch-up hair colouring products are great if you’re between salon visits, or notice a few grey hairs (or even roots) popping up. Many of these products with temporary hair colour really work wonders with your hair and are available in a wide range of colours. Many of the following touch-up hair colouring products not only hide grey hairs, but can also maintain the health of the hair. Some of these include:

Touch-up Hair Mascara

Hair mascaras are one of the easiest touch-up hair colouring products to apply on your own. Simply dip the brush into the container and apply directly onto the grey hairs to provide instantly effective colour cover up. Most hair mascaras provide effective cover of greys until the next time the hair is shampooed.

Hair mascaras are great because they are small and lightweight so they can be placed into your bag and carried everywhere. And thanks to their foolproof application, hair mascaras can be used anywhere and everywhere. These products are ideal for anyone with a few straggly greys.

Touch-up Hair Colour Stick

Hair colour sticks are similar in application to touch-up hair mascaras in that they can be directly applied to the hair anywhere, at any time. Most hair colour sticks will need to be dampened prior to use, whilst some come already moist.

Hair colour sticks are ideal for those who have areas of grey rather than single grey hairs, as the application covers a larger area than hair mascara. These products are, however, similar to hair mascara, as they can be easily applied on your own. This touch-up hair colouring product binds to the hair and lasts until it is washed out.

Touch-up Hair Colour Spray

Another popular touch-up hair colour product for grey hairs is a hair colour spray. As the product comes in an aerosol form and is projected as a spray it is ideal for people who suffer from large areas of grey hair and long grey roots, rather than single grey hairs.

The temporary colour in touch-up hair colour spray adjusts to the tone of your hair and is sweat-proof so it stays in the hair until it is next washed.

To apply hair colour spray, simply point the can’s nozzle towards the hair’s roots (or the areas of grey hair) and spray for a couple of seconds. For best results use on dry hair, move the can continuously to get the best coverage and get someone else to check the hair after use to thoroughly ensure coverage is even.

Root Touch-up Hair Colour Kit

Root touch-up products are also great for touch-up hair colouring. As the name suggests, these products are specifically designed to target new root growth and restore beautiful and natural looking hair colour in a matter of minutes.

Most of these kits are non-permanent and are ammonia-free so the hair is protected whilst being coloured. Many root touch-up kits come with a precision colour brush, allowing the user to easily apply the colour matching root cream directly where needed, and nowhere else (which means no over-colouring). Unfortunately, unlike the easy to use nature of touch-up hair mascara or sticks, root touch-up kits aren’t made to be used on the go and should be used at home to gain the best possible results. For best results, ask a friend or family member to double-check that coverage is even before leaving to dry/washing the hair.

Touch-up Hair Colouring Product Advice

All of the above touch-up hair colouring products are available in a wide range of different colours and shades to suit anyone and everyone, despite their individual differences.

Some hair colourants may cause allergic reactions, which in extremely rare cases can be severe. Hair colouring products should not be used in any circumstance if you have previously experienced any reaction to hair colour products (no matter how mild), or you have a sensitive, irritated or damaged scalp.

Before using any touch-up hair colouring product, it is strongly recommended that the manufacturer’s instruction manual be read through thoroughly, so to ensure the best results possible are gained. Instructions are usually found in or on the box, or alternatively, they may be found on the side of the given touch-up hair colouring product. 

How to buy Touch-up Hair Colouring Kits on eBay

eBay is a great place to buy hair and beauty products like touch-up hair colouring kits. Regardless of the brand, type or style, eBay has a large variety of touch-up hair colouring kit for sale.

With the help of the search toolbar and advanced search functions, finding the sought-after product has never been simpler. Merely type into the search toolbar the desired touch-up hair colouring kit (along with any other important terms specific to the required product) and look through the results until your desired product appears.

From here, the buyer will be greeted with a page of information relating to the product in question. The information included usually consists of: a detailed product analysis, a detailed specification, photographs and comments about the product’s condition.

Although each eBay product listings page provides a comprehensive overview of the products, some customers may feel that they still require more information or would like to ask a question about the product. All customers can contact the seller should they find themselves wanting more information about a product on eBay.

As such an authoritative name amongst the online marketplace, eBay also provides detailed information about the seller including their location, selling history and ratings to match. With the aid of the seller’s location, the buyer can establish whether they would prefer to meet the seller at their location if it is local to them, or to pay for the delivery of the item (fee is listed next to the products price).

Once the desired touch-up hair colouring kit has been found and the buyer is satisfied with the information provided, they can begin purchasing. This can be done in two ways on eBay: by bidding in an auction (click ‘Bid Now’ and enter a bid) or buying immediately (by clicking the ‘Buy It Now’ button).

All payments on eBay are made safe and secure thanks to third party payment authority, PayPal, giving the buyer complete peace of mind whilst shopping on the website. 


There are many factors to take into consideration when buying a touch-up hair colouring kit. However, with the straightforward nature of eBay, and detailed product information provided in the website’s product listing pages, coupled with the important information and crucial considerations outlined in this guide, buying a touch-up hair colouring kit is easy.

A good touch-up hair colouring kit suited to the customers’ needs will not only provide them great cover for grey hairs, it will provide a great looking head full of refreshed looking hair.

This guide has provided many useful hints and tips as well as important information and advice about buying touch-up hair colouring kits and what to look out for when purchasing these hair and beauty products.

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