Tourmaline Hair Straightener Buying Guide

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Tourmaline Hair Straightener Buying Guide

A hair straightener is one of the wisest investments one can make when it comes to hair tools. Regardless the type of hair one has, this is a versatile tool that can work wonders on wavy, thick, fine, or curly hair. There are numerous hair straighteners available on the market and choosing the right one may seem like a difficult process especially for those who have not owned such an item before.

When choosing a tourmaline hair straightener, buyers should take several things into account, according to their hair type and the way they intend to use this tool. The plate types are very important and one can actually choose from a variety of materials, including metal, ceramic, glass, titanium, tourmaline, or combinations of ceramic and titanium. By learning what makes tourmaline hair straighteners different from other models, one can make sure they buy a straightener that can make their hair look great and is a good investment at the same time.

What is a Tourmaline Hair Straightener?

Tourmaline hair straighteners have plates made from tourmaline, which is actually a naturally-occurring mineral with unique properties. Tourmaline exhibits pyroelectricity when heated, which makes tourmaline hair straighteners a great alternative to hair styling kits made from ceramic. The pyroelectricity factor means that when the plates are heated, an end is charged positively, while the other is charged negatively. The negatively charged ions help the hair to retain its moisture and at the same time they can seal the cuticles, thus giving the hair a smooth and shiny look.

People who have frizzy, thick, or textured hair may benefit from using a tourmaline hair straightener. These hair tools are also recommended for those who straighten, curl, or blow dry their hair on a regular basis. The plates do not cause as much damage to the hair due to frequent styling as other types of straighteners may tend to do.

Features to Look for in a Tourmaline Hair Straightener

Regardless of the type of hair one has or the kind of plates they prefer for their hair straightener, there are a few basic features buyers should look for when shopping for a new hair tool. Some of the most useful features are automatic shutoff switch, multiple heat settings, a ready light indicator, automatic heat control, the length of the cable, and a heat resistant handle. Buyers should evaluate all of these features when shopping for a tourmaline hair straightener to ensure they choose a device that is right for their needs.

Tourmaline Hair Straightener Heat-Up Time and Temperature

The heat up is one of the most important features to consider when shopping for a tourmaline hair straightener. Waiting around forever for the hair tool to reach the right temperature can be annoying, so buyers should look for a tourmaline hair straightener that heats up quickly. Most models have plates that cool down every time they get in contact with the hair, so users may benefit from a tool with a quick reheat time in order to get the style they want in no time. By choosing a hair straightener with a fast heat-up time and high top temperature, buyers can enjoy a consistent high temperature and a fast heat-up recovery time when they use the device.

Tourmaline Hair Straightener with Curling Effect

Users who are looking for a tourmaline hair straightener that can also allow them to create curls should look for a device featuring a curved housing. This features allows the creation of a rounded, smooth shape as the hair passes around the straightener. Not all tourmaline straighteners have this feature, so buyers should look for specific models if they need it.

Tourmaline Hair Straightener Portability

Many people are not only using their hair straightener at home, but take it with them when travelling or simply when going to the gym. Thus, buyers who are looking for styling on the go should opt for a travel-size tourmaline hair straightener. These models often work on disposable gas energy cells and they are fully portable. Many buyers prefer to use a travel-size hair straightener at home as well because this type of device can be handled easily due to its reduced size. When shopping for a tourmaline hair straightener to take on holidays, buyers should make sure they purchase a straightener with worldwide voltage in order to be able to use it anywhere without making any compromise on performance. The length of the cable is also important, as too short a cable may be uncomfortable for users.

Tourmaline vs. Ceramic Hair Straighteners

Many hair straighteners incorporate both tourmaline and ceramic plates and buyers can sometimes find the choice rather confusing. Both tourmaline and ceramic hair straighteners come with positive attributes and downsides, so it would be a good idea for buyers to analyse the features of both types before making a purchase. The table below synthesises the essential features of tourmaline and ceramic hair straighteners and can help buyers make a good decision.


Tourmaline Hair Straightener

Ceramic Hair Straightener

Time needed to style the hair

usually takes less time to be ready for styling; straightens a section of hair quicker than ceramic

it may take longer to be ready for use; requires more time for styling; may lead to hair damage over time

Damage to the hair

little damage to the hair due to production of more negative ions; better at making hair straight and silky

a very high-quality product is needed to reduce damage due to high temperature; may not leave the hair as smooth as tourmaline models

Variety and availability

fewer varieties; not available in all stores

larger variety of models; more popular than tourmaline straighteners


more negative ions; better for frizzy or dry hair; balances the moisture; makes hair shinier; good for curling

fewer negative ions; a good option for normal or oily hair


usually less expensive than ceramic models; varies according to extra features and brand

usually pricier than tourmaline straighteners; varies according to extra features and brand

Buyers should keep in mind that there are other factors to consider as well when shopping for a new hair straightener. The best approach is to first determine one's needs and then find a product that satisfies them most. Another thing that should be taken into account is the fact that different brands manufacture different types of hair tools, so buyers may not find the same features in all the models they choose to compare. Price should also be considered, but buyers should avoid choosing a hair straighter based on price alone, especially if they are looking for a high-quality product.

How to Find a Tourmaline Hair Straightener on eBay

Tourmaline hair straighteners can make anyone's hair look great. However, the large selection of products available on the market makes it difficult to choose the right model quickly. If you are interested in purchasing such a device but feel overwhelmed by the numerous products you have to compare, you can look for a tourmaline hair straightener on eBay. By shopping on eBay you can have access to hundreds of models available from sellers around the world and you can have a look at all products that are relevant for your preferences before making a purchase.

Starting shopping for a tourmaline hair straightener on eBay is very simple, as all you need to do is type the words 'tourmaline hair straightener &' into eBay's search bar. You can then start browsing the results right away and narrow them down according to your specific preferences. For example, you may choose to refine the results by brand, price, specific features, location of the seller, and more. Regardless of the type of tourmaline hair straightener you are looking for, it is essential to check out the available information from the seller. When shopping for a tourmaline hair straightener on eBay, you should remember that you can choose from new and used models. If you are opting for a used product, make sure you read the product's description provided by the seller to determine the actual condition of the product.


Tourmaline hair straighteners can enhance one's look by allowing him or her to create stylish hairstyles that are suitable for both casual and formal wear. Shopping for a new hair straightener can be confusing because there are so many models and brands to choose from. In order to be able to select the right product for one's specific needs, buyers should determine first the quality and utility of the device they are looking for. By learning as much as possible about the different features of tourmaline hair straighteners, buyers can make sure they get a high quality product as well as good value for their money. One of the places where buyers can browse through hundreds of brands and models is eBay. By choosing to shop for a new or used tourmaline hair straightener on eBay, one can make sure they can find a model that suits their needs well, mostly because of the large selection available and the straightforward search method.

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