Toy Story top 5 toys

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Top 5 toys from a childs mind

1- Well any person who has a young child girl or boy will understand that Woody is the most popular toy to have out of the collection, he has a pull string that says a few phases like There's a snake in my boots or I'm big toy on Campus.

2- Then there comes Buzz Light year, he too says a few phases, his wings flap out with a press of a button and a red light beams out of him. He also interacts with you and talks to you.

3- Jessie again is very much like Woody, she talks with a pull string and has a lovely big red hat. My children love her and love to play with bulls eye. Her hair is made of wool and tied into a plait. Very nice toy to have for a girl or boy.

4- Rex is our 4th one, he is lovely and big with a soft body and a plastic head. If you press his tummy in he attempts a roaring sound but it's not very loud really but my children love it to bits.

5- Is Mr & Mrs Potato head's, my son loves to build them up into different characters, has we have the Buzz & Woody version one's as well. He also loves to put the pieces in the wrong section to make them look funny, but it is also good for education as you can talk about the face where the eyes go and mouth.

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