Toy safety: Are your kids toys safe?

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Check your childrens toys.

No parent would purposefully choose a toy for their child knowing that it was unsafe, but there are potential hazards caused by poor manufacture which are not always immediately visible and could cause harm to a child.

These might sound obvious, but the following things are worth keeping an eye out for;

-          Sharp edges. No toy will have sharp edges by design, but sometimes metal and plastic toys can have sharp edges caused by errors in the manufacturing process or breakages. Check for this by feeling the identified toy and search for any sharp bits that may be hiding under the fur or other textured surfaces.

-          Poor stitching. A teddy or soft toy that has not been sewn together properly may leak its stuffing, which can be a choking hazard for small children.

-           Loose fur. Like stuffing, fur or hair which can be easily pulled out presents a choking hazard.

-          Small parts. Things like buttons, eyes, wheels and pins can work themselves loose and fall off - and are then easily swallowed by children.

-          Wiring in electrical toys. Toys which have not been wired properly have the potential to cause electric shocks or burns.

-          Leaky batteries. Battery acid can also cause significant burns, especially to very young, delicate skin.

-          Loose or detachable string, thread or straps. These could cause strangulation if small children are left unsupervised.

Of course, no harm will come to your child under normal circumstances - our advice is simply to bear these things in mind and make sure the toys you buy have one of the symbols of quality checks.
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