Toyota Corolla Buying Guide

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Toyota Corolla Buying Guide

The Toyota Corolla is an affordable car that has received awards for safety, as well as high consumer ratings when it comes to reliability, quality, and overall vehicle performance. With the Corolla's sleek design and stylish interior, coupled with its durability, it is a great car that is sure to last for many years.

For consumers who do not want to purchase a Toyota Corolla brand new, buying one on eBay is a great alternative. When drivers are purchasing a car on eBay, there are several factors to consider. Consumers want to ensure they are getting the best deal on a quality car from a reputable seller, and that they are getting a good price on a used Toyota Corolla.

Selecting the right Corolla entails many decisions when it comes to the specifics of car purchasing, such as the colour, transmission type, and what features are available on the Corolla, along with other options such as the model year of the car. Doing research before shopping is a smart idea, and a good way to figure out exactly what kind of Corolla the buyers are looking to purchase.

Model Year

There are many types of Toyota Corollas available, so the easiest way for buyers to begin to narrow down their options is to choose a model year. Buyers who want more fancy options want to select a newer Corolla.

Newer or Older Corollas

Older Corollas may not have as many features as newer models, but if the car has been taken care of it is very likely to still be a reliable vehicle. Buyers usually see model years that generally range from 2005 and upward for the biggest selection of Corollas.

Styles and colours vary along with the amenities and features of the car. Older Corollas may have had more than one owner, so buyers should inquire about the vehicle's previous history and owners, especially if it is a model that was produced before 2005. Knowing if the car has been in any accidents or what repairs it has had can be very valuable information.


Many consumers may want to select a Toyota Corolla based on the types of features that the car offers. Some features that Corollas may have include anti-lock brakes, a stereo system with CD player, automatic locks and windows, cruise control, a power-assisted steering wheel, and some models may have a built-in GPS system. Some vehicles offer driver as well as passenger and side airbags for added safety.

Updated Features

Newer models of Corollas may offer a wider variety of updated features, such as audio remote control, anchors for the child safety seat or car seat, Bluetooth capabilities for electronics, a USB port to plug in an MP3 player or mobile phone, and high-definition or satellite radio along with a built-in alarm system. The price of the Toyota Corolla may vary depending upon what features are offered. A more basic vehicle is more affordable than one that is loaded with features and updated features.

Car Design

There are a few different styles and designs when it comes to the Toyota Corolla. There are a couple sporty hatchback models called the Verso and the Vida. There are also the sedans which come in several types, such as the L, LE, and SE. There are options between a two-door model and a four-door Toyota Corolla. The various models may have differences in the body style and the overall look of the car. Hatchback designs have a hatch opening in the back for easy access to the boot and storage area.

All Corollas typically have rounded edges and a stylish look. Silver is a popular colour, but the Corolla is also available in light or dark blue, beige, black, white, and red. For consumers looking for a roomy Corolla that can seat up to seven people, the four-door hatchback is the largest Corolla model. The two-door sedan is the smallest model, though even the sedan can comfortably seat five people.

Transmission and Fuel Type

There are a couple of options when it comes to choosing what type of Toyota Corolla buyers end up purchasing. These are important when it comes to maintaining and driving the vehicle, so buyers need to consider which options suit them the best.

Manual or Automatic Corolla

First, choosing a transmission type is important. Buyers can select a Corolla with automatic transmission, or manual transmission, which is also called a stick shift or a standard. If buyers do not know how to drive a stick shift transmission, an automatic transmission vehicle may be the best option.

Diesel or Petrol Fuel

As far as fuel goes, there are two choices. Buyers can select a Corolla that is powered by diesel or petrol fuel. For consumers on a budget, diesel fuel is generally more costly than petrol, though diesel powered cars are typically more efficient than petrol models and offer lower CO2 levels. Consumers may want to check with their insurance company before deciding which model to buy, because rates may vary for a petrol vs. diesel automobile.

Checking the Details

When consumers are purchasing a used Toyota Corolla, checking the car's mileage is a good indicator of how much the car has been driven, and if it is still in suitable shape. The mileage should be listed in the seller's details along with other relevant information like the model year and the type of transmission. Ideally, a car under 100,000 miles has many more years left in it, whereas a car that is under 200,000 may be a more affordable option, but it may not last as long unless it has been impeccably maintained by the previous owners. Other things that consumers should look for when purchasing a Toyota Corolla are images of the car inside and out to assess if the car has been damaged or is flawed in some way.

Finding a Reputable Seller

There are several things that buyers can look for when they are looking for the right seller. When consumers are purchasing a vehicle, they are spending a large amount of money, and finding an honest seller is the fastest way to get a good deal and alleviate worries.

Consumers should see if the seller has any ratings, and if so, they should view them and go with a seller with high ratings. It is also possible that consumers can find out if the seller has sold other vehicles before, which could be an indicator that he or she is experienced in selling vehicles. Lastly, buyers should look to see if there is any feedback on seller from any previous buyers, and positive feedback is a good indicator for buyers to purchase from.

Buying a car is convenient and does not have to be stressful, but some sellers may not be as reputable as others. It is important for buyers to completely research their seller before putting forth money for a car.

How to Buy a Toyota Corolla on eBay

If you are buying a Toyota Corolla on eBay, there are a wide variety of options, however, it pays to shop carefully. First, navigate to Toyota Corolla to see what the options are. You can select a Corolla by model year or transmission type. Once you have narrowed down some options, it is time to check out the sellers. Research information about each seller you are considering, and check how many successful transactions they have processed on eBay as well as whether or not they are a Top-rated seller, which is the only type of seller you want to purchase a vehicle from.

Ask the seller if you can find out how many owners the car has had, and whether it has been in any accidents, along with detailed images. If you live near the seller, ask him or her if you can stop by in person to complete the transaction and get a better look at the car. It is also a good idea to do some preliminary research of your own to find out about Corollas, and see what features you would like, and what used Corollas generally retail for so you have some idea of what type of deal you are getting.


Buying a Toyota Corolla is a good investment. Corollas are known to be reliable cars that are affordable with low maintenance, and buyers may have their Corolla and enjoy it for many years to come. With research, smart purchasing, and shopping from a reputable seller, there are some great deals on eBay for Toyota Corollas, whether buyers are looking for a sporty hatchback model or a sleek, stylish sedan vehicle. Corollas are safe, sturdy cars, and buying a car on eBay enables consumers to browse through hundreds of cars at their leisure and shop without the pressure of a salesperson nearby.

Corollas come in many colours, styles, and designs, and some are fully equipped with convenient features like automatic locks and cruise control to make consumers' driving experience easier and more enjoyable. For buyers who are looking for a reliable automobile that is comfortable and easy to take care of as well as fun to drive, a Toyota Corolla is the perfect choice, and shopping online makes car shopping much less stressful than it generally is for many buyers.

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