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Toys must go!!!

It's that time of year  again when every parent  needs to clear up some space  in their children's bedroom or playroom for when santa comes with another pile of presents that cost a fortune., and what better way to earn  a bit of cash by selling all their toys on ebay . This needs to be done when the children are not around can guarantee  they won't let them go. Make sure the toys are in good working order , clean, no parts missing &  child friendly, make a point on your descriptions that may require batteries Check that  the postman will deliver with batteries or not they can be very strict. My advice is  start your price low & if it's popular it will sell higher, postage can be  expensive as toys maybe bulky, I always use the description from the packet that the  toy came in always looks more professional  nothing worse than having one line descriptions, it needs to look appealing to the buyer!

happy selling!!
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