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Christmas can be expensive when you have a little one that changes his mind a quick as the weather he loves toy story one minute then it thomas or peppa pig and you can't buy everything every time they change their mind even though as a parent you alway try to get what your children want but when you look at the price of the toy story figures they are about £25-£35 unless you want the delux well thanks to the eBay guide I found I could get the same product for less still in the original packages but for a third of the price I got bullseye for £7.99 instead of £29 in the store ok it came from China but still meets all safety requirements and has tags in original box I also managed to get woody and buzz which in the shops are priced at £34.99 I got the both for £15.99 in the box the eBay guide gave me enough information to make a dissicion to buy these so not alway does it apply if it's to good to be true maybe it's not on my experance I got a very good deal so this buzz agent say if you use the eBay buyers guide you can't go wrong 
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