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If you are looking to buy a baby a toy it is always important to ensure it carries the CE mark.  This lets you know it is safe for baby.  

Age appropriate

It is important to buy a toy that is suitable for the age you wish to purchase for.  Lego aimed at a 7 year old would not be suitable for a 2 year old due to the size of the pieces and would pose a choking hazard.  


Babies love bright colours or contrasting colours, such as black and white.  Anything that stimulates their eyes will stimulate their mind.  A baby develops so quickly so aim to get a toy that perhaps grows with the child.  For instance, a toy where the baby starts off sitting up to it but then can eventually stand up to it.  

Noisy toys are also popular, again as they stimulate the senses.  The parents may not be too thankful but at least you have a happy baby.


There are so many toys on the market with so many retailers.  If you only have a small budget stick with it.  With sites such as Ebay there are lots of sellers who sell new and used items which should suit all budgets.  


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