Tracing An Ebayer Been ripped off?? faked feedback ??

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Some methods to trace ebayers. and buying tips from past experiance!

First things first my partner was a victim of fraud and now we shop with huge precuation on ebay and we would like to share our methods on how we found our ebayers details address phone number even bebo acocunt and much more...


First you should always ask seller a question if you consider buying from them most con artists will reply then will close communication after you have paid!! so get the email addres before you even bid ask for a number so you can discuss the item verbally with them this will give you an insight has to what kind of seller they are if you get a landline number to call them on this reduces the possibilitys of been conned massively but doesnt iliminate it, If you get a mobile number always be curious and warey. "so get email address and number if possible before bidding" and full name.

Once you have these details you have enough to find you seller using online resources!!

First thing to check is this is the electrol register and will give a free check so if you have an address they provided you can check there registered and if you purchase some credits you can even get more information about them.

Check for a landline number if they didnt give you one or refuse too.

Copy and paste their email address into google "sounds strange hey!" but works this will show you their details if they have signed up for any online forums or online cummunitys.

Check facebook bebo and other online cummunitys again using the email address or ebay alias as most use the alias has an online name.


Most fraudsters are young people who have alot of computer knowledge and will use their computer for gaming online communitys and therefore they will have footsteps on the internet somewhere.

Contact others on thier ebay profile asking if they have any contact information stored on them, and check ebay for the item you purchased isnt listed on a different account in a simular location has this could well be the ebayer who scammed you using a new or different account. if so do checks on that email and alias.


This guide wont stop fraudsters but hopefully makes you think twice about been too trusting, even the most highest feedback ebayers can have tendancys to get fed up with ebay and make a fast few pound by ripping folk off so dispite anything proceed with caution.

Also check the feedback in more depth even positives has these can state vital information from people who are too scared to leave negative so place negative wording within a positive feedback EG: "+ slow delivery no communication had to email lots of times" <left has positive but has negative remarks.

Theres many methods in tracing people online and dont give up becuase if alls fail you can apply to the courts which costs about £70 and they will end up with a ccj againts them and you will get most of you funds back through court. visit the HMC website.

Thank you for reading this guide hope it helps some of you in the long term.

Please review on this guide if it has helpfull information you may use.


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