Trade Secret Premium Alloy Wheel Cleaner

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We often get asked why do we supply high quality products at low prices. Well that is our policy, why should our customers pay £10,£15,£20 etc for products that are supposed to be premium rated. Don't pay crazy prices for your automotive when you can buy premium grade from trade secret at sensible prices.

High performance acidic based alloy & steel wheel cleaner. Rapidly removes ingrained black brake dust & traffic film from wheels and wheel trims. Gives a bright & shiny finish.

Superactive: Highly effective in the rapid removal of brake dust and residues associated with Alloy/Steel wheels and plastic wheel trims.

Fast Action: Cuts down the time spent cleaning alloys. Spray/brush on: ideal for courtesy fleet cleaning.

Rust Remover: Excels in the removal of tarnish and rust from chrome surfaced auto-trims, motorbikes etc. See note below.

Super Concentrate: Can be diluted with water to increase product economy depending on task in hand.

Remove any loose/excess dirt. Apply using either brush or low pressure spray. Agitate if necessary to assist penetration.
Caution: Take care to prevent contact with surrounding paintwork or plastics as contact could cause staining. Any splashes must be washed off immediately with water. Leave cleaner in contact for up to 10 minutes then rinse off thoroughly with clean water.

NOTE: Chrome Cleaning. Care must be taken when using this powerful product for cleaning/removing rust from chrome. Contact time 2-3 minutes then rinse off thoroughly.
For old or poor condition chrome test a small inconspicuous area first to check plating is not adversely affected.
N.B. Do not use on magnesium alloys, anodised alloy or unlacquered alloy wheels or on any aircraft components.
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