Trade Secret Premium Grade Active Car Wash Wax Cleaner

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Do you want to use a product that you can quickly stand back and see an instant success safe in the knowledge it is premium grade at a realistic price? Why pay a valet company or a bod at the side of the road £3.50, £5.50, £10.50, £15.50, to spray their product which we have had alarming stories about by customers by the side of the road on your expensive car. At trade secret all our products are high premium grade  at very sensible prices.

Trade Secret Premium  Active Car Wash Wax Cleaner

Traffic Film Removal: State-of-the-art performance.
Super Degreasing: engines, chassis, chains, fork lift trucks, plant hire.
Dewaxing: as a manual Co-polymer De-waxer.

Incredible Cleaner !: Removes the complete range of stubborn and tenacious road traffic film and dirt. Dried/baked on flies and insects simply dissolve away !

Paint & Trim Friendly: Kind to paintwork, trim and vehicle signwriting. Will not mark or dull surfaces: totally safe cleaning action even with repeated use.

Wax Effect: Leaves paintwork clean, bright, reflective and with water beading surface enhancers.

Super Concentrated: Gives dramatic savings when pre-diluted before use (see directions).

Versatile: Can be used hot or cold, ONE professional product for:

Floor Cleaner: Superb industrial floor cleaner for both painted and tarmac surfaces.

Environment Safe: Fully biodegradable to EC standards; contains no solvents, no phosphates, no silicates.

If you require any help with our range of products, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Team Trade Secret
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