Trademarck &VERO & Copyright listing removed Buyer

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I would like today talk about one of the worse stupid habits of ebay regarding vero and copyright and trademarck removal of listings.
I think most of sellers knows what is VERO and this guide is more to tell buyers about those ridiculs people.
So VERO is an organism of big brand like ray ban, nike, and other little ones who think because they had the money to buy a name or a logo, that think they can make sellers listing without any notice. 
You would think that would be bad enought?
But NO!!!!!!
Ebay , and there i am coming to the point that i would like every customer knowing this as it is really important.
Ebay send a mail to the buyer stating this:
they said I can cancel and get a refund and even when it arrives i can still refuse it, with no explaination, due to privacy laws to protect you.
So ebay is telling the customer that even if the item has been dispatch that the seller for a reason or the other is not trusted  and that they should get their money back!
AS a small rated seller, i find this habits discusting specialy for sellers like me who are putting a lot of time and effort in customer relationship!
You will ask me why do they do that?
it is really easy !
VERO listing removal make ebay lose his own fees so they do not which that seller make their profit .
I seriously which that another website like ebay existed who has a better practice where i could feel secure !
So dear Buyers, the next time that you receive a mail from ebay stating wat i just mentioned !
please contact your seller, and do not worry.
to search for a ebay ID click on advance search and there on the left bottom side you have an option to search for ebay ID as you can not just click on the listing names as they have been removed.
That way you ll be able to contact your seller directly.
If you need any more advice, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Contact me
and of course please make this guide know to people and vote it usefull:)
thanks a lot

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