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What one can find out everything about buyer

Has given to me the pleasure and has written up one, to me to unknown, eBay member, has informed this member what I have found out everything, by his purchase habits about them / him. What was absent, were only exact address and account connection.

This member had been surprised about the fact that I had found out his gender, his predilections, his age, his marital status, the age of his children. It was rather easy, only a little in the last purchases, this member, herumschauen and already I had everything together.

I am no prier, it also does not interest me who buys what, it was a matter here only of showing that everybody which acts here leaves certain tracks which other feel as useful. If it is the employer or other institutions who can exercise a certain power on us.

Does the question position itself whether want we this?

Now, if not from what I go from what one can do against it?

First once one goes in PRIVATELY, nobody can find out what one has lately bought, it concerns also nobody something.

The second becomes quite difficult: you can call away all your eBay data also outside from eBay. Goes to your searching machine and gives your eBay name. UPS, everything what you have made with eBay also stands there.

Allso, to sum up: there is not an absolute protection, indeed, one must present himself to PRIERS not exactly on the golden tray. Hence, give so little as possible from you preiss! It cannot be your damage, rather on the contrary.
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