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Lynnette, resident Proporta Marketing Manager and workaholic, recently returned from a three week stint backpacking around Bali and after taking much advantage of Proporta travel products, felt it was only right that she share this information with the Proporta blog readers. You’ll need to excuse the blatant corporate promotion (we don’t usually like doing this), but be assured that our intentions are entirely honourable. It’s sometimes tricky getting across just how useful our products are, so what better way to do it than to momentarily stick you in Lynnette’s flip flops…

USB TurboCharger 3400
It’s about a 14 hour flight to Bali, but once you’ve taken into account getting to the airport 3 hours early, a transfer somewhere on the way (which should only be a few more hours, but may be longer if you’re an idiot like me and book a flight with a 12 hour overnight stopover in Kuala Lumpur) – you could end up looking at a 37 round trip… which I did. Brilliant. Even the calmest of fellows would probably start to go a little stir crazy after 15 hours in an airport (naturally the flight was delayed), but not I. I had the new Proporta USB TurboCharger 3400 in my clutches, which meant that I could listen to music, text till my heart was content and surf the internet on my BlackBerry, aaaand still have enough power left to watch a couple of films on my iPod on the plane. There’s a bit of technical spiel which goes with this product, but all you really need to know is that it’s a battery pack that you charge from anything USB powered, and it holds more charge than any of your devices will – quite a bit more. So all you need to do is charge the TurboCharger from either your laptop, computer or a USB wall plug (we sell those too) and the TurboCharger will charge anything from your iPhone, BlackBerry or iPod to your Sony PSP, DS Lite or GPS and more. Even better, it’s really small (about the size of your phone) so you can take it pretty much anywhere.
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