Travel to Bulgaria by car train and ferry holidays!

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Travel to Bulgaria!
Bulgaria is slowly becoming a holiday hot spot for people of all ages. Whether its to soak up some of the historical or current culture or to soak up some drinks, Bulgaria has something for everyone.
There are many ways to travel to Bulgaria to enjoy the rich culture and history of this beautiful country. Travelling by train is just one of the ways that you can get to Bulgaria and a journey that will allow you to see a large part of Europe. It is 3 days travel which is great if you're looking to see as much as possible with your trip. After catching the Eurostar from London to Paris you will travel on to Munich on City Night Line sleeper train 'Cassiopeia' which is fitted with 1, 2 and 3 bed compartments and 4 and 6 berth couchettes. So if you''re travelling with a group or on your own, they can accommodate for your needs. After arriving in Munich the following morning you will head on to the 'Railjet' train, fully air-conditioned with a bar and bistro car available during the journey. Next is the overnight to Bucharest on the sleeper train, 'Ister' which will take you through the breathtaking Alpine scenery of the Carpathian mountains. Again a variety of sleeping accommodations are available on this train. Finally, the last leg of the voyage is to take a small rain ride from Bucharest bringing you to the glorious capital city of Sofia.
To travel to Bulgaria by plane couldn''t be easier from the UK, with several direct flights from London and Manchester available. The flight itself is around three hours from London and just a little over three hours if travelling from Manchester airport. The operating airline company for the Manchester flight is Easyjet, whilst London has four different choices of airlines to choose from; Easyjet, British Airways, Bulgaria Air and Wizz Air. Return flights can cost anything from as little as £60, direct between London and Sofia. Unfortunately there are no direct flights from the US to Bulgaria. Flights change in Munich, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt as well as a few other destinations.
For fans of a classic road trip, Bulgaria is easily accessed by car as well. It is a 26 hour journey that will take you through a host of Europe''s beautiful countries, including France, Belgium, Germany and Austria as well as a few others. For those looking to see as much as possible this is an excellent way to get the most out of your holiday

Bulgaria is located in southeastern Europe and is bordered by Romania, Serbia and Macedonia and is the 14th largest country in Europe. It is home to some of the earliest known metal-workings in human history and has a huge history that includes two Bulgarian empires as well as being part of the Ottoman empire. Its location has made it a crossroads for different cultures and ideas and this is more than apparent in the architecture of the capital city of Sofia, which is the 15th largest city in Europe and is even home to prehistoric settlements located near the royal palace. So whether you want to enjoy some Rakia or learn more about the history of Europe, Bulgaria is a must visit destination!
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