Travelling to Bulgaria - Plane, Car, Train from Romania

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You can get to Bulgaria in a few ways from Romania. The reason may be anything, but generally you'll be in Romania because you landed at one of its airports, either Otopeni or Baneasa Airport.

If you fancy a nice drive and see a bit of Romania at the same time before coming to lovely Bulgaria, try heading West inland, you can travel all the way via modern road to Calafat via Craiova, Slatina, Pitesi and Gaesti from the cultural capital, Bucharest. As mentioned, the road is very modern, and is enjoyable. Once you arrive at Calafat, you'll go on the ferry, then cross the great river Danube. The trip accross the Danube is short but enjoyable, and you'll arrive in the city of Vidin.

Vidin has everything from ultra modern hotels to museums,casinos and discos, there is plenty of space to move around and many green areas, also some great walks along the river.

Going South from Bucharest, you'll travel accross Romania to Giurgiu and travel accross the Danube Bridge, formerly known as the Friendship Bridge. You'll arrive in the city of Rousse, a modern yet architecturally rich city with some fine examples of 19th- and 20th-century Neo-Baroque and Neo-Rococo architecture. After a meal (Or just drive right through), you can continue to your destination through the stunning Bulgarian natural and man made landscape. Bucharest airports offer a good choice for visitors to VT, Shumen, Dobrich, Rouse and Pleven regions.

By Rail! Twice Daily through Rousse with the Istanbul Express or the Bulgaria Express (both via Gorna near VT), you can take a train from Bucharest through Bulgaria, if you feel like going to see something really special, stop off at Gorna near Veliko Turnovo, the city is a delight to see in the summer or winter, with the famous lights on special events on request for a small fee. Veliko Turnovo is where our main office is, so stop in and have a chat if you're in town!

By coach!

Modern coaches can whisk you from Bucharest to Sofia (Passing through other Bulgarian towns such as VT on the way) in comfort.

I hope you enjoyed the guide, if you have any questions, go view one of our auctions and click on contact seller, we dont bite!

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