Travelling to the USA - Luggage Locks & Security

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TSA Locks for travel to and within the United States of America

If you are travelling to or within the United States of America, you should not lock your bags or luggage.  In the past five years, locking your bags and cases has seemed pretty pointless since invariably the lock is clipped by airport security during screening procedures.

TSA (U.S. Transportation Security Administration) screens every passenger's baggage before it is placed on an airplane. Whilst technology allows the TSA to electronically screen bags, there are times when physically inspection of a piece of luggage is necessary. If your lock (s) are cut for physical screening, not only do you end up with a broken suitcase lock, padlock or combination device, your luggage will then carry on the journey, including any connecting transfers, unsecured.  If it is not cut but sanctioned for personal screening, whilst this may seem preferable to damaged locks, it will adversely lead to delay queuing at a personal screening booth. 

There is a way to ensure that your bags remain safely locked while also complying with airport security.  The new Safe Skies (TM) TSA Luggage Lock, patented and approved by the United States Transportation Security Administration, is a specially engineered lock that can be opened by airport security and relocked again once the inspection is complete.  Screeners can identify the locks by a little red torch logo as well as the TSA insignia. 


Protected by US Patents # 7,021,537 and 7,036,728, the Safe Skies (TM) TSA Luggage Lock is the luggage lock accepted and recognised for use by the United States Transportation Security Administration and by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs in the United Kingdom. The valuable technology behind the TSA Lock is proprietary to Safe Skies (TM) TSA Locks.

In the rare event that a Safe Skies (TM) TSA Lock is clipped, there is no need to worry, Safe Skies (TM) TSA Lock's are covered by a lifetime warranty and hassle-free replacement policy. Your Safe Skies (TM) TSA Lock will be replaced without quibble by the retailer where you purchased the product, directly by Safe Skies LLC (in the U.S.) or Safe Skies (Europe) in the UK & Europe. 

Safe Skies (TM) Locks come in a variety of bright colours and styles, including Padlocks, Combination Locks and Luggage Straps.  In fact, there are over 150 products to suit every possible taste and need.


The new Safe Skies BoomerangIt (TM) Lock not only provides the patented benefits of being approved by the TSA and works in exactly the same way as any other luggage padlock, each lock features a unique serial number.  On receipt of your Safe Skies LLC BoomerangIt (R) lock, register your lock online in the BoomerangIt secure Worldwide database.  The registration, lost & found and recovery service is worldwide so wherever you are in the world, ensure you secure your bags, cases and other luggage with a Safe Skies BoomerangIt (R) Lock!  In the event that your luggage is lost, the finder is given an incentive to inform BoomerangIt (R) who will contact you and make arrangements to get your stuff back to you, whether to your home or hotel (if lost during travel).

Whilst there are alternative brands on the market, the method of providing this airline luggage inspection was invented and developed by Mr David Tropp of Safe Skies LLC and protected by US Patents 7,021,537 and 7,036,728 with other Worldwide Patents Pending.  There is ongoing legal action in the U.S. for the breach of these two patents.  Given that Safe Skies (TM) TSA Locks are the original patented luggage locks, provide a lifetime workmanship guarantee on all their products and also the no quibble replacement policy if a lock is cut, it is safe to say that Safe Skies (TM) TSA Luggage Locks are your best bet to protect your bags, cases and other luggage!   



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