Treating dogs with dog mites

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Medicated dog shampoos are idea treatments for dogs with itchy skin, allergies, dry, flaky skin, or mange (dog mites). If dogs suffer from mange they will experience severe irritation, inflammation, itchiness, hair loss. The mites penetrate your dogs skin through the oil glands and hair follicles.

How do you know if your dog is suffering from mites?
Dogs will scratch continuously, their skin will appear red and start to swell in areas and appear sore to the touch, these areas will eventually turn into scabs and crust over, over a period of time mites can if left untreated affect the dogs immune system. Mites can affect dogs and cats. Medicated Pet Shampoos can help cure the mite problem.

Dog mites breed on the skins surface, with the female mites burrowing under the skin, laying eggs and then dying off. These eggs hatch after about a week and survive from the animals blood. It is vital to use Medicated Dog Shampoo such as Medicoat throughout the process from when the mites are first suspected, otherwise the cycle simply continues.

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