Trials and Motocross Bike Parts Buying Guide

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Trials and Motocross Bike Parts Buying Guide

Trial and motocross racing are related yet point to two distinct sports. Although motocross grew out of the motorcycle trials of the early 20th Century in Great Britain, it has taken on a form of its own. Trial and motocross bikes both fall into the dirt bike category; and both are used for competition riding. Strictly speaking, however, the two bikes do have significant differences as their respective parts demonstrate.

In general, trial bikes are used for off-road riding that may include rocky surfaces and other difficult terrain and obstacles. As a result, the bike is designed to be ridden in a standing position and does not come with a seat. The frame is light and strong, and features heavy duty suspension to absorb greater shock.

Motocross bikes, on the other hand, are built for enclosed and man-made circuits that include tight cornering, obstacles and jumps on a dirt surface. The bike has an open frame like the trial bike, but has a seat that is used for general circuit riding.

For the trial and motocross enthusiast looking for parts and accessories, there are numerous places online that offer a wide selection, and eBay in particular has a listing that continues to evolve daily. The trial and motocross rider wishing to upgrade or replace their bike parts need only determine their requirements through an assessment of their bike and its condition and evaluate the need for any additional parts and accessories.

Important Parts for Trial and Motocross Riding

Trial and motocross riding is a tough and demanding activity, with a high degree of wear and tear on the bike as a whole, and on certain parts more than others. The regions of the bike relating to motors, chains, sprockets, drives and guards are constantly being ordered and replaced in the dirt bike world due to the high rate of wear and subsequent parts degeneration. eBay represents the ideal market platform from which to search and source both new and used trial and motocross bike parts. The below examples of bike parts are only a select few based on perceived demand.

Chains and Sprockets

One section of the bike that needs to be constantly assessed or upgraded is chains and sprockets. The bike owner must remain constantly astute in monitoring this part of the bike, as the possibility of a breakdown during a competition can cost significantly more than the parts themselves. eBay lists an extensive range to meet the compatibility requirements of a wide selection of both trial and motocross bikes.

Being among the first pieces of equipment to need replacing, the drive chain can be replaced with minimal delay on eBay with a great assortment of chain types for every bike. Connected to the drive chain are even more troublesome parts. Various rear sprockets are in plentiful supply on eBay for the same reason there are so many chains. This section of the bike is put under excessive stress whenever the bike is ridden for competition. The rider must ensure the chain is kept at a suitable tension level, as an over-tight chain can cause linkages to stretch and chains to snap. It is recommended to maintain at least twenty millimetres of slack in the chain. Moreover, as an alternative to purchasing chains and sprockets separately, chain and sprocket kit packs provide an economical way to buy these two items together.

Brake Pads

Every rider should keep a spare set of brake pads and know how and when to change them. With the constant acceleration and braking involved in trial and motocross racing, this is another item with a limited operational timespan. It is generally recommended that the rider change the pads by the time the existing pads are worn to within approximately 30 per cent of their lives.

Brake Calipers and Discs

Brake calipers and discs are among the many parts that need periodic replacement, but it need not leave a rider stranded. eBay represents these items very well, including related parts such as brake hoses. Dirt and other matter quickly become lodged in these parts, but their life can be prolonged with a diligent cleaning regime to prevent corrosion.

Clutch Levers

The clutch lever and associated cables become very gritty if not properly maintained and lubricated. eBay represents this item extensively also with levers for virtually every make and model available. Additionally, there are also other associated items relating to brakes and clutches.

Body Parts and Frames

Although built for rough handling, dirt bikes are not immune to broken parts that need to be replaced quickly. The various body parts and frames of trial and motocross bikes can be found with ease on eBay, and ordered according to a rider's own specification needs. Shock absorbers, fairingsfront forks, mudguards and most other gear associated with the body of the bike is well represented, along with the various components that make up the framework.

Engine Parts

Given the sort of treatment trial and motocross bikes are consistently subjected to, it is hardly any wonder that so many parts need frequent replacement. Dirt bikes are built with dusty conditions in mind, but this does not remove the need for frequent cleaning of all mechanical parts. Trial and motocross bikes are highly susceptible to overheating problems associated with dirt or mud build-up in the engine. The various engine parts that need replacing frequently are components like air filters, crankshafts, valves and cylinders.

Wheels and Rim

Cleaning the wheels and rims after each race goes a long towards extending their lifespan. Not only that, but regular maintenance improves the resale value of the bike also, as it helps prevent pits and rust spots. Wheels, tubes, and rims can all be purchased for model specific bikes on eBay.

Cooling System

The cooling systems for dirt bikes are either liquid cooled or air cooled, and both systems are highly efficient in doing their job. Nevertheless, cleaning maintenance is still necessary and replacements should be made periodically.

Bike Care References

It is a good thing to be able to replace parts so conveniently online but better still to prevent problems from overtaking the health of a bike either suddenly or gradually. Every trial and motocross rider ought to keep in their possession a copy of their bike manual. This may provide invaluable reference material straight from the manufacturer that could act as a preventative, measure in some circumstances.

Points of Difference Between Trial and Motocross Bikes

Both trial and motocross bikes are built for off-road use, but the differences between them are not insignificant. The below chart highlights some of the characteristic points of variance between the two.

Bike Type



Centre of Gravity

Riding Position


Wide ratio

Air Cooled




Close ratio

Liquid cooled



The above differences are some of the more noticeable to the rider, but there are several other structural differences in the bodies of the two bikes that cause them to handle differently. These characteristic variations make each bike ideal for their intended and respective purposes.

How to Buy Trial and Motocross Bike Parts on eBay

If you know the part and its model specifications that you require, you can tailor a search to these criteria by entering the relevant information into the search bar, such as motocross Honda CRF mudguards.. Alternatively, you can refine your search by taking advantage of the inbuilt filters.

Once you have located your item, save the listing for future reference and look for some similar items so you can make some product comparisons. Taking special note of the details supplied for each item, thoroughly check the terms of sale, returns policies, and postage or delivery options. Depending on the parts you order, the way you receive the item may impact heavily on what it costs you. You could, therefore, arrange for personal pickup if the item is large and heavy, and the seller is local.

Whichever item you choose, make sure to do some checking up on the seller also. This can be achieved easily by viewing their eBay rating score and customer feedback. If you are interested in a particular bike part, but have questions pertaining to its suitability for your bike, email the seller and ask for further information. It is important to have all scruples resolved before making a purchase.


When a rider purchases their bike parts on eBay, they not only save money but also benefit from the convenience of buying online. Whether buying spare parts in bulk to have on hand, or simply replacing a single bike part, the extensive range of items on eBay and its associated stores should ensure that a rider never has to miss a race.

Along with the right gear comes the rewards of the sport, especially when both bike and rider are well-protected and given the optimum environment to achieve peak performance. Today, there are many maintenance and bike enhancing products and accessories readily available, and so it is easier than ever to keep a dirt bike in good shape. Trial and motocross racing are tough sports that wear heavily on bikes and parts. With many people now taking to trial, motocross or other dirt bike sports, it is little wonder that the supply of parts can roll in so quickly with a few clicks of the keyboard.

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