Triton Motorcycle Cafe Racer

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The Triton Motorcycle was a popular choice of the Cafe Racer culture in the 1960's. The term Cafe Racer was when a record was placed on the Jukebox a rider would leave the Cafe and race to a predetermined point and back again, hopefully before the record had finished. A good example of this is to race from the Ace Cafe to Hangar Lane and back again. The distance was three miles and many of the records played were less than two minutes in length, therefore a motorcycle was needed that was able to take a thrashing and have good handling, hence the Triton was born.

 The Triton consisted of a Triumph engine, usually a Bonneville as this was the most powerful, and a Norton Featherbed frame, this gave the best handling. Everything that wasn't needed was stripped off, petrol tanks were replaced by fibreglass race replicas, weight was reduced to a minimum, it virtually became an engine with two wheels.

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