Tropical Sun UK Guide to Spray/Airbrush/Fake Tanning.

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This guide is what we consider short and sweet. This will be helpful to anyone looking to get into spray tanning and even for the seasoned spray tanner.

Tropical Sun UK are three years in the UK spray tan market and its been enlightening but most of all, very enjoyable and this is what you will experience if you get the basics mastered. More and more we see salons/health clubs spray tanning people without the essentials in place.

  1. Adequate ventilation.
  2. shower caps or protective hair cover.
  3. face masks.
  4. Gloves
  5. paper/fabric towels, makes it easier to react to spillages etc.
  6. Airbrush Cleaning Solution, not water.

If you have the above each and every time you spray tan, your confidence will be improved and you can fully concentrate on the clients spray tan. As customers we always look to get the best product and the best service, remember this when you're preparing for your next spray tan.

Spray tanning is what you make it, it should be one of the best moves you make. Even now I still enjoy spray tanning my partner, always looking to apply that perfect tan. I liken this activity to art as you can create the perfect masterpiece and if you do, clients will be banging your door down to get the next tan. We have salons that do an incredible amount of spray tans, one in particular does an average of 300 spray tans per month and thats with one airbrush unit!

When you start spray tanning, remember three things...

  1. Believe in your own work and the spray tanning will look after itself.
  2. Keep the airbrush moving at all times, this will prevent uneven areas.
  3. Talk to the client about their skin and day to day activities.

If you adhere to the above, spray tanning will be both enjoyable for you and the client, plus earning some serious money if required! Charges range from £15 - £40 per spray tan, you need to work out whether its sheer volume you want or best practice, either works just find whats suited to you.

Spray Tan Solution is usually applied using HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) or airbrush systems. The solution once applied produces a tan which generally develops over 5 – 10 hours. Depending on lifestyle the tan will start to wear off within a week, but can last up to two weeks if you know how to keep your skin hydrated/moisturized.

Spray Tan Solution contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as the active ingredient. DHA is a colourless chemical (it is derived from sugar cane!) that interacts with the amino acids in dead skin cells to produce a brown colour change. Since these dead skin cells are constantly being shed, the colour change produced by DHA usually lasts about five to ten days but there are reports of tans lasting upto four weeks.

Spray Tan Solution also contains other ingredients which can affect the quality of the tan & the durability of that tan. Some of these ingredients include Aloe Vera which will help sustain the tan through skin moiturisation & Eurythrolose which has a similar effect to DHA but this premium ingredient is very expensive it can be left out of some cheaper Spray Tan Solution’s.

Spray Tan Solution is more often than not available in tinted or clear. Most people go for the tinted and we only stock tinted, this guide colour allows you see where you have sprayed the client. Clients love to see the instant colour and the actual tan developing over time. Some brands bronze pigment bares no relation to the final tan, Tropical Sun however has a very accurate guide colour and this washes away with the first shower post spray tan.

Many Spray Tan Solution’s quote the percentage (%) of DHA which acts as a guide to darkness of the overall developed tan. A good Spray Tan Solution is in fact a balance of all the best ingredients, simply going for a higher DHA is not always the best way to go or looking for the "Big brands" does not mean the perfect tan. It is for this reason that you should be wary of companies which seem to offer Spray Tan Solutions in many different % DHA as often they simply add more drops of pure DHA but fail to balance the solution with proprietary ingredients such as Eurythrolose. Generally the higher the DHA content the longer it will take to dry & the tackier it will feel on the skin & the more chance you have of rubbing it off before the DHA has had time to “take”, this can produce a patchy affect.

With Tropical Sun UK each and every Spray Tan Solution type is individually produced and shipped fresh direct from the United states and is 100% exclusive. We only make what we need for one quarter (Three months), this ensures maximum shelf life and salons/health clubs/mobile therapists/home users get the BEST, FRESHEST possible solution each and every time.

We stock everything that you need to start spray tanning, packages start from just £279. We also have extraction systems and spray protection booths ensuring you and your clients have the best technology and meet health & safety requirements.

We welcome any questions and offer only the best in current spray tan products. Call 0845 257 0315 and take the step into the business of Sunless Tanning today.

Spray Tan with Attitude By Tropical Sun UK


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