Troubled with lifted acrylic nails ?

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We have all been there, You think you have mastered it, but then bang.. your client who left you with a beautiful set of nails rings you to say she has lifting on them.....Its disheartening but don't give up help is at hand..

One of the main factors of lifted nails is inproper preperation. So before you even think about sticking a nail tip or a form to the nail follow the next few simple steps.

1 . Clean and sanitise your area , for this a simple disinfectant spray can be used and a clean cloth. Use a clean towell or komfort wedge and lace over with kitchen roll, this will not only give a welcoming impression but makes your work area look profesional. Also a very important tip which I learnt a few months into the business is to have a good temperature in the room you are working in,too warm and your acrylic will set to fast, too cold it will crystalise and lift.

2. Politly ask your client to wash there hands if a sink is available, then sanitise both side of the hands and nails with a good professional sanitising spray, Creative nails and NSI both have very good items available for this  . Please review our listings.

3. With a Cuticle pusher, stone or orange stick gently push back the cuticles.

3. With a medium grit file gently buff the nail area, take car not to catch the clients skin, this prepares the nail bed for adhersion. Never use a drill with a high RPM to prep nails.

4. Apply your tip or form, and then use a profesional nail primer to dehydrate the nail bed - DO NOT TOUCH THE CUTICLE AREA, SKIN OR NAIL TIP YOU HAVE JUST APPLIED WITH THE PRIMER.

5. Apply gel or acrylic as normal. ( make sure acrylic is the correct consisitancy , see our listing for a sheet to perfect this) Too runny and the nails will undoubtably lift.

6. -BIG TIP- Just as the acrylic is setting use a tooth pic and gently follow the cuticle around removing any excess acrylic which has acidentally touched the skin as this WILL CAUSE LIFTING EVERYTIME.

7. File and buff for a perfect finish.

We hope this has helped you, please rate us if you feel this information has helped you and if you need any more help feel free to email us 24 hours a day our trained staff will be happy to assist you.

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