Trousers Braces

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It seems that meny who purchase their first pair of braces have a similar problem.  The clips that attach the braces to the trousers are made to clip on to the trousers directly however, some people attach the clip to thier belt or over folded parts of the trousers.

The clips are designed to grip thin and soft items and as results the clip lose its ability to grip the trousers and render the braces useless.  To protect the clips, always try to clip it first to the thinnest side of the trousers and never to a belt or any other hard surface. 

If the clip fails to attach to the trousers, the most obvious problem is a gap created between the two gripping parts of the clip.  Lock the clip and then check if there is a gap between the two grippers.  If such gap exist then the clip would not work.



The clip is made of four parts.  The base, gripper and lever as well as the bit which connect to the strap.  It is likely that the lever which shut the clip and pushes the top gripper down is bent.  Undo the lever and examine it for damage at the side that push the top gripper down.  The lever can be straighten with a pair of pliers. 


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