Try not to die of cancer.

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I'm Mad!  Pretty darned Mad!   I'm mad that millions of individuals are dying so unnecessarily from cancer when there is absolutely no need for them to do so.    Billions of Pounds have been spent over the past hundred years on Cancer Research and yet - the pharmaceutical companies are no nearer to coming up with a cure.   I don't think that they want one!   There is no profit in curing cancer on a large scale, the profit is in Treating the patient until he/she dies!

 Cheap and natural cures abound on the internet so why in God's name anyone should die of cancer defeats me.   The pharmaceutical companies, The Federal Drug Administration, The Cancer Instirute and the Medical Profession both in America and here have hounded out of business and sometimes hounded out of life many magnificent men of medicine, Linus Paulding two times winner of the Nobel Prize, Harry M. Hoxey, Royal R. Rife and far too many noble men to mention.   They have all in their turn been labeled a Quack or a Snake Oil Salesman, they have been arrested on trumped up charges, but subsequently acquitted.  Their documents and any machinery man ufactured has been mindlessly smashed, their premises locked by the FBI and in a couple of cases their premises have been burned to he ground and a couple have even been killed and all of this has gone on without any warrants.   The stories are so horrendous and all for the sake of thegreed of a few people.

I could go on all day, but perhaps YOU would like to do some research yourself, so go to Google and enter `Cancer Cures` in the Search Box.  You will really be surprised at what you will find.

Sorry if I've gone over the top, but I get so angry at what is happening to medicine in todays world.  I thank you for reading and I pray that YOU never hear those dreadful words, "It seems as though you have cancer"!




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