TurboLister - A Free tool from ebay for sellers.

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Turbolister - Control your listings.

Once you start listing lots of items on ebay, you will find that listing each one by hand soon becomes a chore. Thankfully, ebay has a FREE tool that takes most of the pain out of listing bulk auctions (or even just the odd one or two).

Turbolister is a windows program that runs on your computer, its available as a free download from ebay, Download Turblister here. 

You have the choice of two installation methods, to install from the web, or to download the whole lot, and then install it. Which you choose is up to you, I prefer to download the whole lot, so I have a copy on my pc in case I ever need to reinstall or copy it to another computer that does not have a internet connection.

Installation is easy, no different from installing any other windows program really, just answer any questions asked during install, and let it do everything automatically for you.

What turbolister can do for you.

It may take a little time to get the most out of turbo lister, but considering the benefits it can give you, it is remarkably easy to use.

Selling preferences

You can set turbo lister up with all your favourite selling preferences, each time you create a item to list, they will be automatically filled in for you.

Even things such as your return policy, postage/shipping policy, sell to locations, payment methods etc can be set up so they always default to your own custom requirements.

Different settings can be applied for fixed price items, auction items and store items.

You can even have more than one "seller" using turbo lister, so you can set up an account for yourself, your partner, or anyone else that has a ebay ID in your house, and when they log into turbo lister, it will be customised exactly the way they like it.

Template Auctions

You can create a "template" auction listing, that you can save, and then later use as a basis for a real auction. This feature can save a lot of time when listing many similar items, just copy a template and alter the details that are different and you are done!

Saved Auctions ready to post anytime.

You can create as many auctions as you feel like, but NOT upload them to ebay until you are ready, this means you could prepare in advance hundreds of auctions, over a long period of time, and upload them all on a free listing day.

Or you can get your auctions ready at your own leisure and upload them quicky whenever you feel the time is right to list. They are all ready, waiting and the upload to ebay process is easy.

Fees shown in advance

Before you upload the items you can ask turbo lister to show you how much it would cost you in fees, this gives you the opportunity to add or remove and optional listing features until you match the amount you wish to spend on listing fees.

Auction preview

You can preview what your auctions will look like, without uploading them to ebay, so you can tweak your listing until you get the spot on.

Easy auction creation

With the ability to switch between wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editing, and html editing you can easily create better looking auctions. Turbo lister also comes with a great set of templates that can enhance your listings. You can switch to a preview tab at any time to see the final result.

As this is all done on your computer, and is not reliant on pages loading from the internet, you will find creating auctions a much more enjoyable, speedier process.

No more page not found messages after spending ages creating a auction, no waiting for pages to refresh, its all nice and fast.

Adding pictures to your auction is easy, in fact the entire process of listing is eased with this tool.

Other features 

You can backup your work, even import or export the data so you have more control over your listings this way.

Is it worth the cost?

Well, it is FREE so yes, it is!

Seriously though, turbo lister is well worth the download, the improved editing facilities, better control over settings, preview, and batch upload facilities are well worth the time taken to install and learn the package.

If you are serious about listing, or even just an occasional lister of items, this is well worth a download. Certainly a must if you list many items, and you dont already have some means of automating the process.

Download Turblister here. 

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