Twin ply heads vs. single ply - Which is best??

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Twin ply heads vs. single ply – And the situations they work in!


In the shop we are often asked “Should I use single or twin ply heads on my toms?”


The quick answer it just depends on the situation you are using the drums in!  For instance a twin ply head will be better for many studio situations but not necessarily live!


To be clear: When we use ‘single’ and ‘twin’ ply we are talking about the amount of  ‘ply’ used on a given drum head (skin) Single OR Twin ply.

Here are some pro and cons:


Single ply


Gives more natural tone from a shell


Louder and bright in tone


Harder to tune


Not as durable


More of a ‘cutting’ tone


Twin ply


Easier to tune




Ideal for studios as they are less ‘ringy’


Deeper tones are accentuated







The general rule is that for a novice player twin ply heads are a good idea.  In this situation the best result will be achieved e.g. better sounding drums and will say in tune for longer.  As experience in tuning is gained over time single ply heads are something to try.  With experience a better tone will be achieved from this type of head.


















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