Twister Skylift - Don't pay too much....

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I wrote a fulll page guide, which took me ages.
75 people read it, no one placed any votes.
So obviously it was no good...

Here's the re-write (V2.1) Made even easier to understand, in an effort to be more helpful...

Twister Skylift: 
Not as easy to fly as the box makes out.
When you do have a heavy landing or crash, you effectively crash 2 fragile helicopters at once.
Parts are stupidly expensive for what they are.

Knowing what I know now, I'd have to recomend:
Consider the Walkera 38, it's a chinook too, And it's made by walkera who don't  exactly have a good reputation for durability, but at least they fitted hinges at the blade roots which will reduce the cost of blade strikes enormously, and allow the fitting of alternative (often cheaper and stronger) blades....
Alternatively, wait and see if E-SKY make one.

Cheers, Steve C.

P.S. 98 people read my new version but still no-one found it helpful! What more can I do??

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