Tyre pressure monitor system, car tire temperature kit.

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 Tire pressure monitor kits

Too many accidents are caused due to tire pressures beling incorrect!! and before we go on the motorway at higher speeds we should make sure our vehicle is ready for that journey.

The RAC and AA understand the problems of tire pressure being wrong and the dangers this can do while driving, and they all think the pressure monitor systems are the best wat forward.

Incorrect pressures in your tires can cost you more fuel charges over the year, having to buy new tires sooner than you think, and we know the prices of tires!!, give you a bumpy ride and cause you to brake to one side, is this not enough to make sure you have the right tire pressure in each wheel?

There are some tire monitors on the market, some would have to be fitted to your ABS system and would need a good engineer to install and would cost you too, or fit the sensors to the inside of the tire, but you need to make sure you go to the right tire repair people when you need the tire removing, and if you sell the vehicle you have to leave the system installed or pay someone to remove it.

Our tire pressure monitor system is simple to fit in minutes, you just screw the wireless sensors to the valve with the security locks and tell the monitor which tire is set too, and give the monitor your pressure and temperature set point and your done.............

The system will tell you which tire is low on pressure or high!! and when the temperature for the wheel becomes higher, you get to know if the tire has a slow pressure drop or large, or complete drop to flat, you would know which tire is at fault via a audible warning and the RED led flashing light on the monitor and the flashing display on the monitor.

The monitor has its own batteries that can be charged via the supplied cable, the sensors would last for min one year, you have a low battery warning on the monitor too.

The monitor can be taken with you, leave in your top pocket, or insert on the monitor screen bracket supplied

The system stops your tires being let down by passers by, this can be a problem so you have the security in one system.

Another great feature is the system can be removed and fitted on any other vehicle in minutes, and can be used on any car.

Strongman Products Ltd

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