U.K. Import Duty And Taxes, Hidden Charges To Remember

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Hi And Welcome To bargin143's Buying Guide

Before buying from an International seller you should be aware that if the seller is a registerd business aproximately 3-4 weeks after receiving your item you may receive an invoice for duties and tax's owed this will be based on the amount that you have spent with your seller and is payable by you and not the seller

There is strict rules in place regarding who should and who should'nt have to pay these duties and taxes

In order to avoid any unwanted and unplanned invoice's for duty's and taxes on your International purchases we have acquired the following information for you 

All Items Dispatched From Outside The U.K. Must Meet The Customs Gift Criteria:

  1. It Must Be Sent Person To Person (Consignment Must Take Delivery At A Private Address)
  2. The Total Value Must Not Exceed £36.00 GBP Per Person
  3. Insure The Word "GIFT" Is Marked On The Air Waybill.

NB. HM Revenue And Customs Make The Final Decision On All Imports Classifications.

Samples Can Be Imported Into The U.K. Without Duty/Tax Charges Being Levied As Long As They Meet HM Revenue And Customs Criteria 

All Samples Must Be:

  1. Rendered Unusable Except As Samples.
  2. Of Negligible Value.
  3. Show Indelible Marking.
  4. Torn, Perforated Or Slashed.
  5. Limited Quantity Or Size

The Commercial Invoice And Any Other Paperwork Provided With The Shipment Must DeclareThis InformationTo Enable HM Revenue And Customs To Make The Appropriate Entry.

For Further Information Regarding Duties And Taxes You Can Contact Us And We Will Try To Answere Your Questions.

If You Are Planing On Buying From An International Seller We Have The Following Tips To Avoid These Hidden Charges:

  1. Check That The Seller Is Not Listed As A Business Seller. (As You May Need To Pay These Charges)
  2. Ask The Seller To Insure They Clearly Mark The Item As A Gift
  3. Avoid Spending More Than £36.00 GBP Per Person
  4. Pay A Little Extra From A U.K. Seller
  5. Ask Us To Find Your Item For You
  6. If In Dout Ask Or Don't Buy It

For Those Of You Who Have Made It This Far Down This Guide We Hope It Has Been Both Informative And Helpfull Please Use The Link Provided To Register Your Verdict On Whether You Found This Worth Reading Or Not Many Thanks From bargin143

Another Way Let Us Worry About Finding The Item For You

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